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Customer support quality quiz

Is your support nailing it? Take this quiz and find out

Support teams are invaluable to every call center. They need good guidance to work at the best level. Evaluation of […]

Get your customer service ready for Black Friday

Get your customer service ready for Black Friday

Handling Black Friday is not a piece of cake for customer service agents. If you are wondering how you can […]

Customer FAQ

The benefits of customer self-service: Meaning&Examples

Nowadays, customer self-service is the most desired form of support and is becoming a standard among modern companies around the […]

Call center photo

Omnichannel customer service: Definition & Tips

Modern consumers expect outstanding and immediate support. As a result, brands are now challenged to be everywhere their customers need […]


How to deal with though customers on the phone | CloudTalk

In support centers, difficult callers are impossible to avoid. Agents need to handle customers who are not only losing their […]

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10 Ways to Improve Communication with Customers

You have a great product. It is exactly tailored for your target audience. Yet, your customers keep leaving, seemingly with […]

How to improve interaction with customer

8 Ideas to Improve Your Interactions with Customers

Effective customer interactions can lead to increased sales and improved business results. Companies that are not able to improve their […]

photo call center customer service tips

Call Center Customer Service Tips

There are several factors that are decisive for customer satisfaction, e.g. price and availability of goods or services, speed of […]