Reinvent Your Pipedrive Performance: No More Trade-Offs

Incorporate CloudTalk’s intuitive, cloud-based call solution with Pipedrive, delivering superior call capabilities and outstanding customer support for your business needs.

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Seamless Pipedrive Integration for Uninterrupted Business Flow

Our solution fits seamlessly with your Pipedrive account.

From making and receiving calls to viewing call history and logging calls, experience an uninterrupted flow of business communication.

CloudTalk’s intuitive interface is designed to simplify your operations, not complicate them.

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#1 Rated Call Center Software for Pipedrive

Based on 400+ CloudTalk reviews on 6 independent software marketplaces & platforms


260 reviews


840 reviews


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Advanced Call Features to Empower Your Sales

Our solution comes packed with advanced call features like call recording, routing, and analytics.

Identify productive calls, route them to the right person, and analyze the patterns for continuous improvement.

Say hello to smarter, more efficient, and effective sales operations.

Outstanding Customer Support for Unmatched Experience

Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer support.

With our round-the-clock assistance, you’ll never feel stuck. Whether you’re just setting up or need help along the way, we’re just a call away.

Over 4,000 businesses use CloudTalk
to connect with their customers


Connect Agents, Customers, and Your Favorite Software in the Cloud

Discover how CloudTalk can provide you with unparallel control over your customer’s experience and start matching their expectations today.

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