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Unlocking PlanRadar’s global growth strategy

PlanRadar provides a platform that centralizes the entire building lifecycle of construction companies as well as property and facilities managers, and has chosen CloudTalk as the VoIP solution for their global expansion.

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PlanRadar faced limitations with their existing VoIP system, including fixed phone numbers, lack of international numbers, poor call quality, and inadequate customer support, hindering their global expansion efforts.


CloudTalk provided a tailored and flexible VoIP solution with over 160 international numbers, superior call quality, 24/7 customer support, and streamlined number porting and phone number acquisition, completely transforming PlanRadar’s communication.


Switching to CloudTalk one and a half years ago resulted in remarkable growth for PlanRadar, with a 70% increase in call handling efficiency, a decrease of 3% in missed calls, and a 20% increase in team productivity, leading to a staggering 122% growth in call volume and continued success in the global market.

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How CloudTalk helped PlanRadar boost call volume by 122%

Revolutionizing the construction and real estate industry with its digital platform, PlanRadar has quickly gained momentum, serving over 120,000 users in 65+ countries. However, as the company aimed to expand its global presence, it faced challenges with its existing VoIP system that hindered its growth. 

The limitations of fixed phone numbers, lack of international phone numbers for desired countries, poor call quality, and inadequate customer support were roadblocks in PlanRadar’s expansion plans. To help, CloudTalk provided a custom tailored and flexible VoIP solution that transformed PlanRadar’s communication and helped them achieve their goals.

Making Global Expansion a reality

As PlanRadar aimed to expand its operations worldwide, its existing VoIP system limited reach and cost valuable contacts. On top of that, the lack of international phone numbers led to strategic frustration as they were unable to operate effectively in certain key territories.

Additionally, the time-consuming administrative work and slow response times for adjustment-of-service requests from their previous provider caused operational inefficiencies and backlog. The frequent issues with chat functionality and poor call quality left customers dissatisfied and affected PlanRadar’s expansion efforts negatively. 

Above all else, the company needed an immediate solution for the international phone numbers issue and, ideally, one that could provide the expected call quality and round-the-clock customer support to achieve its global goals. 

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As a global business, we were in dire need of a reliable and flexible VoIP solution that could handle our international communication requirements without bogging us down with time-consuming paperwork. That’s when we found CloudTalk, and it has been a game-changer for us.

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Ibrahim Imam – Co-Founder, Group Co-CEO, CEO MENA & APAC at PlanRadar

Unleashing the power of CloudTalk’s next generation business calling software

CloudTalk’s next generation business calling software offered the company a comprehensive package of features that addressed its unique issues. With over 160 international numbers, CloudTalk enabled PlanRadar to expand its business across the globe and drastically reduce costs associated with international telephony. 

The superior call quality and minimal waiting times drove an excellent customer experience, helping with customer acquisition, and CloudTalk’s own 24/7 customer support ensured that PlanRadar had assistance whenever needed, enhancing their team’s journey and experience. Onboarding was fast and smooth, making CloudTalk their go-to VoIP solution for their sales and marketing teams. 

CloudTalk’s essential benefit is its unparalleled flexibility in handling our requests. Whether we needed new numbers, verified caller ID or setting up number porting,  they made it incredibly easy and efficient. Their streamlined processes and quick response times saved us a lot of time and resources, allowing us to focus on our core business operations.

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Ibrahim Imam – Co-Founder, Group Co-CEO, CEO MENA & APAC at PlanRadar

From missed calls to record-breaking volumes 

In just three months of using CloudTalk in 2021, PlanRadar saw their work efficiency grow by 70%, with their agents handling 65,069 calls compared to 38,114 calls. The number of missed calls also decreased by 2.96%, while the average wait time remained consistently low at 10 seconds. 

Fast forward to 2023 and PlanRadar’s growth with CloudTalk has been exponential. In just one month, they handled a staggering 144,652 calls using 585 international numbers, showcasing a remarkable growth of 122.14% compared to the previous call volume.

CloudTalk’s features, such as international phone numbers, voicemail, quick assistance with number porting, and acquiring new phone numbers, have greatly contributed to PlanRadar’s expansion. Consistent top-of-the-line call quality enables seamless communication with customers worldwide, regardless of location or language. To top it off, the 20% increase in PlanRadar own work efficiency has improved productivity and profitability, driving the company’s growth and success in a very competitive market. 

With CloudTalk, PlanRadar was able to handle higher call volumes, reduced the number of missed calls, and provided excellent customer service to customers around the globe, leading to impressive growth and success for their business. Overall, PlanRadar’s partnership with CloudTalk has been instrumental in their global ambitions and has helped them achieve remarkable results.

CloudTalk has truly been a trusted partner in driving our success across borders, and we highly recommend them to any global business looking for a reliable and hassle-free VoIP solution.

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Ibrahim Imam – Co-Founder, Group Co-CEO, CEO MENA & APAC at PlanRadar

Building strong customer relationships around the world

In conclusion, PlanRadar’s partnership with CloudTalk transformed its international communication and propelled its global expansion. 

The solution found revolved mostly around making sure that PlanRadar’s global coverage was guaranteed. Supported by superior call quality and a comprehensive selection of features, their main pain points were addressed and CloudTalk provided the company with the right tools to monitor and optimize agent performance, and engage efficiently with customers in up to 160 potential countries.

Today, PlanRadar enjoys a smooth, reliable calling experience without any connectivity issues, regardless of the country they receive calls from. The flexibility and convenience offered by CloudTalk’s international numbers have unlocked new horizons for PlanRadar, allowing them to engage with customers worldwide and achieve their business goals effectively. 

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