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Increasing productivity for Splitty customer support agents

Splitty Travel is the world‘s first online hotel booking platform that finds the best deals by combining offers from multiple sources to create a unique room package.

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Call monitoring

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Customer support



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Splitty Travel, the first online platform, combines offers for unique hotel deals, ensuring customer-focused service attuned to every travel need.


Splitty streamlined its operations by choosing a phone software solution that simplifies agent management, enhances call transfer and supervision, and includes essential mobile flexibility.


Splitty enhanced its customer service by adopting CloudTalk, tripling its team size and streamlining call management for better first-call resolution and support.

Splitty’s Call Center Powers Success Across Major Cities Worldwide

As Splitty covers the USA and all major cities worldwide, a pillar of the company’s success is its call center, which handles an endless stream of customer issues and requests.

Splitty Employs Advanced Call Center Technology for Efficiency and Automation

Catering to every customer requires a reliable, user-friendly phone system with advanced call center features—to be used amongst Splitty’s distributed global team for improving efficiency and for the automation of unnecessary processes.

Splitty’s Quest for a Business Phone System That Enhances Supervisor Engagement

The Splitty team was looking for a business phone system that could deliver all of these tools, and that would enable supervisors to be involved in the interaction with customers, especially by being easily referred to when needed.

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Splitty’s Strategic Search for the Ideal Phone Software Provider

The award-winning website’s traction required rapid updates to internal processes, which needed to be perfected if Splitty was to remain a top-rated service. One aspect placed under the microscope was the company’s phone software provider.

Issues Splitty was dealing with included a lengthy, complicated setup of the call center software (and of adding/removing agents), as well as a lack of essential tools: recording features that supervisors require for deeper analyses, the possibility to transfer calls to supervisors or for supervisors to assist with calls in real-time and a mobile app that’s crucial in giving agents sufficient flexibility.

Taking these problems into consideration, Splitty was dedicated to partnering with a software provider only if all criteria were met.

The key requirements for the new call center software

Easy software setup and onboarding of new agents.

Possibility to choose several international phone numbers.

Allowing supervisors to listen to calls in real-time and, if needed, to “whisper” to the agent or join the call (based on the situation).

Call center statistics and reporting to clearly understand the performance of each agent or call group, the busiest time of day, or the busiest lines in the call center.

Splitty Travel team’s favorite features

1. Call monitoring: Allows supervisors to easily monitor agent performance in real-time, ensuring that quality standards are being met. The supervisor can choose from 3 options: either only listen to the call, whisper to the agent, or join the call and be heard by both agent and caller. The agent can also invite the supervisor to the call whenever dealing with a difficult conversation.

2. Call transfers: This superb feature allows agents to transfer the caller to a more suitable agent. The first agent can speak with the second before the call is transferred, giving him/her time to explain the caller’s situation so that the second agent can provide faster, more personalized service.

3. Mobile & desktop app: The Splitty team loves that CloudTalk offers the choice of its mobile or desktop app. Both apps are very user-friendly and allow the team to work even when away from the computer.

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Essential CloudTalk benefits

1. IVR: With this feature, the caller is always automatically directed to the most suitable available agent, which can solve his/her problem faster and in the language requested.

2. Call statistics & report: Supervisors and management working with a distributed team can now always remain on track with customer support and the sales team. When deeper analyses are needed, supervisors can always access the call recordings.

3. Call recordings: Onboarding many new agents in a short time while guaranteeing the quality of customer interactions can be tricky. With this feature, supervisors can access all call recordings to find out how newcomers are doing and how they are progressing over time.


Splitty adopted CloudTalk’s phone software while increasing its team by 3x and welcoming thousands of new customers. In the past three months, the team has spent 18,000+ minutes on inbound calls and 22,000+ minutes on outbound calls, and they’ve made 8,500+ inbound and outbound client calls using six international numbers.

The past months also brought changes caused by the Covid-19 outbreak; Splitty had to set up and deploy a completely new team entirely remotely. CloudTalk’s software proved to be an excellent tool, as it enabled Splitty to run its call center remotely while maintaining order thanks to a solid overview of each agent’s results and performance.

With all of Splitty’s needs met immediately upon partnering with CloudTalk, the team now has easy access to features that have resulted in an improved first-call resolution rate and average call duration.

Now, customers can be automatically directed to the department or agent that can address their problems in the fastest, most convenient way, and in the relevant language—allowing Splitty to truly understand every customer concern at hand.

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