Women in SaaS and their journey in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry

No matter how you slice it, there simply aren’t enough women out there opting for careers in tech. So we asked ourselves: what could we at CloudTalk do to improve the situation? Ultimately, we decided that using our platform to spread awareness of the issue was an important first step to take. 

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16 inspirational interviews with women from the SaaS world who decided to take the plunge and enter the fast-paced world of technology and innovation.

Recommendations for educational resources such as books, podcasts, networking groups or mentoring programs that can help you on your way and teach you how to confront challenges head-on.

Tips and tricks on how to find balance between personal and professional life and prevent burnout.


“If you’ve ever doubted your capabilities or felt hesitant about setting ambitious goals for yourself, you need to read this eBook. Reading about so many talented, inspirational women literally took my breath away. All those inspiring, authentic interviews will captivate you and encourage you to embrace who you are.”

Sarka Valkova

“If you’re a salesperson or someone working in the customer service industry, you have to be an effective communicator. Working in this area is tough; it requires a fully developed set of interpersonal skills. Every client is different and requires a personalized approach. This eBook is not just about helpful phrases — it’s a comprehensive guide to success in our everyday work.”

Quinn Malloy

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