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illustration call switching call flipping SHARE

Call Switching vs. Call Flipping

This brief article introduces Call Switching and Call Flipping tools and explains how each of them works. We also provide […]

illustration how to get a business phone number SHARE

How to Get a Business Phone Number? 5 Easy Ways

Whether you want to start a new business or expand your current one, you will most likely need a new […]

illustration How to get a business phone number SHARE

What is QoS in business telephony

What is the biggest worry for businesses that are considering starting to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) instead of […]

Reasons to choose CloudTalk

7 Reasons to Choose Cloudtalk as your Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

The way in which customers call companies in the last decade has changed tremendously. It’s true that many people still […]

illustration headphones

7 Reasons why you should invest in a cloud solution for your call center

Can you improve your customer service, take some workload off your agents’ shoulders, and save money while doing so? Yes, […]


Best CloudTalk call center integrations to choose from

Nowadays, companies use many tools for different business purposes. In their essence, software should automate processes, gather data, and help […]

photo phone

7 reasons why phone call numbers are still a necessity for your business

Think that in those digital times, phone calls should belong obsolete? Here are seven reasons why a phone call number […]

photo cloud phone system

5 Reasons To Switch To Cloud Phone System

Are you tired of boring and old-fashioned call centre software? Do you believe that your sales or customer support team […]

8 benefits of transferring your contact center to the cloud

8 benefits of transferring your contact center to the cloud

Companies all around the world have been investing in popular call center software solutions, allowing them to provide better customer […]