5 Reasons To Switch To Cloud Phone System
By Natalia Mraz
| 16. July 2019 |
Business Phone System, Phone system
By N. MrazNatalia Mraz
| 16 Jul 2019 |
Business Phone System, Phone system
    By N. MrazNatalia Mraz
    | 16 Jul 2019
    Business Phone System, Phone system

    5 Reasons To Switch To Cloud Phone System

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    Are you tired of boring and old-fashioned call centre software? Do you believe that your sales or customer support team could be more efficient and maintaining your phone solution doesn’t have to be a hassle? 

    If you answered yes, you should consider switching from an old call centre software to a new, modern cloud phone system. See the 5 main reasons to migrate your on-premise solution to cloud phone software.

    #1 Cloud phone system for all your offices located around the world

    Does your company have more offices around the world? Many businesses still use on-premise systems for every location which is cumbersome and costly. Maintaining all systems may be a really expensive and time-consuming process. Moreover, adding or removing a feature, integration or just updating to the newest version has to be done separately for every location.

    So, what is a cloud-based phone system? The best benefit of cloud-based software is accessing your data from any place with an internet connection, with one administration system for all your locations and offices. This means that you can access your phone system anywhere at any time.Furthermore, any updates or changes will be done only in one system, saving you time so you can spend it on more important tasks.

    #2 Easy integration with your existing tools

    Integrating your existing CRM, help desk or e-commerce tools with old fashion phone system might be a really challenging process. If you decide to choose a cloud-based solution, you will be really delighted.

    The powerful integration with CRM as Pipedrive or Salesforce can help your customer service team identify the caller even before picking up the phone. This means faster and more personalized communication with your client. Features as click-to-call or predictive dialer can significantly increase the productivity in your sales team as well.

    Moreover, the integration with helpdesk software like Zendesk or Freshdesk will save your agent’s time, because they do not need to switch between two systems to find out the caller’s details and history.

    #3 Your provider is responsible for software’s upgrades

    Innovation in any field can produce big results. To have access to the latest features and upgrades in your phone system is a must. They can definitely boost your team’s performance and improve overall customer experience.

    If you have your own on-premise system, costs related to IT development, debugging and testing of new functionalities may surprise you unpleasantly.

    Cloud phone system like CloudTalk will keep your account up to date automatically so you can enjoy new features and better quality calls without the hassle of manually updating your license.

    #4 Scale up your system as you grow

    The great advantage of a cloud-based phone system is that you can easily scale it up as your business grows. When you hire new employees for your customer care or sales team you need to deal with 2 important tasks – ensure that all new members have access to the communication system and they are properly trained.

    CloudTalk, a cloud calling software is very simple and intuitive, so your employees can easily learn how to use it. Moreover, it’s compatible with almost all hardware phones, headsets or devices that you prefer.

    #5 Simple and transparent pricing

    Old fashioned call center systems pricing is a maze, many of us still can’t debunk. The only person who knows how much you will end up paying is the sales rep on the other end and chances are, the cost is not final. The cost of adding seats or updating a license are with some, mind-blowing.

    Cloud-based providers usually offer different packages that suit various team sizes and companies. The packages are often seat-based and billed month-to-month, just like CloudTalk. With transparent pricing structure, you will always know, what your monthly bill is going to be and how much will your business phone will cost if you expend with more seats. Once your business starts to grow, you can easily up or downgrade your plan so it better suits your needs.

    Bonus – Use the equipment which suits you the best

    When calling through a traditional phone system, you usually need to use the equipment recommended by your vendors. Often, it’s not the best price/value rated hardware phone or headset so the total price of deployment can get steep quickly.

    If you decide to use a hosted cloud phone service, you only need to have an acceptable Internet connection and use any device that you like – even your computer. This makes the costs of a hosted phone system even more appealing. The choice of equipment is totally up to you.

    Would you like to learn more about the benefits of switching from on-premise to cloud phone system? Don’t hesitate to reach out!