What is a Cloud Phone System
By Quinn Malloy
| 23. July 2019 |
Customer Support, Service & Support
By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
| 23 Jul 2019 |
Customer Support, Service & Support
    By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
    | 23 Jul 2019
    Customer Support, Service & Support

    What is a Cloud Phone System

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    While running a business, you might want to use a tool which can support your business phone system, customer support, call center, and sales team. All of these can easily be boosted by the usage of a cloud-based solution. 

    If you are reading this article, you are most likely interested in investing in a cloud phone system and dealing with many challenges seamlessly. Thanks to the development of new technologies, there are many systems on the market which can meet your requirements. Below you can find all the essential information on that topic, including the definition and advantages of such tools. 

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    Cloud Phone System: definition

    A cloud phone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based business telephone platform that is hosted and managed by a third-party provider. CloudTalk can be an excellent example of such a tool. 

    The crucial differences between Cloud VoIP system and on-premise phone system are advanced features, a possibility of remote working and access from anywhere.

    Now that you have an idea on what a cloud phone system is, check out how it can be used in your company and why it is worth the effort. Read on!

    Why your company needs a cloud phone system?

    Telecommunication is the core of business communication. Before the Internet, phone calls were essential. Nowadays, even though we communicate willingly via Internet, calling still can be a faster and more personal way of dealing with customers or acquiring new ones. 

    Phone system enables at a minimum to have a main phone number and extensions which allow reaching particular employees. Thanks to Internet phones, everyone can be connected via software to one server over their IP network. Nevertheless, it can be a challenge for small or medium organizations, as installing such a system require human and budget resources, as well as infrastructure. You need to pay attention also to the system’s security and configuration. If you would like to benefit from VoIP system but you do not have a possibility to manage it on your own, you can always find a cloud phone system provider which will handle it professionally so you can focus on achieving your business goals. 

    Cloud Phone System: benefits

    New technologies unveil new opportunities and facilities in many aspects of our lives. How can you take advantage of them to boost your company’s efforts, then?

    Save time

    Once you decide to implement a cloud phone system, you can save a lot of time on the whole process – including configuration, upgrades, and security. As you will be using existing software you need a minimum amount of time for implementation, so that your team can benefit almost right away. 

    The second perspective when you look at the time-saving thanks to the usage of a cloud phone system is that your sales or customer support team will most likely improve their productivity by taking advantage of handy features (read more to explore such options).  

    Lower costs

    This one can be a deal-breaker for most medium and small enterprises. Most of all, you do not need to invest in the required heavy and expensive installations. Moreover, there is no need then for maintaining equipment. You are also free from charges of a traditional phone system.


    Thanks to the mobile app, your employees can receive and make calls from everywhere in the world. That also enables remote working which is a trend and sometimes a must-have option for today’s companies. 


    When it comes to having your own business, you always need to think about securing your communication channels. Cloud phone systems are exposed to hackers who can take control over a VoIP and use it for their purposes. A trusted provider pays attention to security matters. 


    Cloud Phone Systems can be easily integrated with many business tools, such as CRM. Thanks to that your team can have easy and quick access to clients’ data and provide them with more accurate customer support or prepare personalized offers. Every call and information will be saved in a contact’s history. It can be extremely helpful for e-commerce business. Real-time integration can be a game-changer in communication with existing and potential customers. 


    Even though a cloud phone system has a lot of functions, it is not complicated to use. You can easily manage your system, add new team members and customize your panel with a few clicks. That way system configuration can be faster and done without the involvement of an IT department. 


    While running a business you need to focus on the bigger picture. Let the tools handle many operational tasks and let your business grow. CloudTalk, as an example of a cloud phone system, is packed with handy features that will boost your team’s effectiveness. Among the most helpful you can find call recording and call queuing, automatic callbacks, internal phone number tags, personalized greetings, voicemail and contact tags. 

    As for more advanced options, you can create a multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu which guides the callers through possible options so that they can reach a given department or agent. An interesting feature is that you can choose a preferred agent for callers so that they will always be directed to this person. That way your employees can build a relationship with your customers and close deals easier or simply be more helpful as they are familiar with the case already. 

    Powerful analytics

    One of the most important, yet still underappreciated aspect is analytics. With cloud phone systems you have control over all calls. You can monitor their length and effectiveness and find a room for improvement. By analyzing recorded calls you can find strong and weak points of communication with customers and work on that with your team. You also have access to a real-time dashboard that will show you an updated overview of your team’s productivity. 


    VoIP enables scaling alongside with the growth of your business. As you do not need any infrastructure, you can simply decide to expand your call center software capacity at any time. That is also helpful when it comes to remote workers who can log in to the system anytime, anywhere just using the Internet connection. The sky is the limit! 

    No physical space needed

    A cloud phone system does not require any equipment so you do not need to waste any space for it. Additionally, no equipment means less usage of energy and, therefore, the reduced carbon footprint of your company. 

    How to choose the best cloud phone system?

    As every service, implementing a cloud phone system is an investment. First, it is important for you to understand your company’s needs in this area. Among different cloud phone system providers basic functions are probably the same so pay attention to details and additional features that might be helpful for your team.  

    Compare offers depending if you need to run a call center, customer service department or sales team. Of course, it may happen that you need all of the features – likely CloudTalk has a full package. You can also try a few tools before your final decision. That way you can find out if the given systems are intuitive enough and meet your requirements.

    As you can see, a cloud phone system can significantly boost your organization’s productivity and effectiveness on many levels. Do not hesitate to try out CloudTalk for your business. You can sign up for a 14-days free trial and test its options to unveil its full potential.