Meet our IP Cloud PBX
By Quinn Malloy
| 30. March 2018 |
PBX, Phone system
By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
| 30 Mar 2018 |
PBX, Phone system
    By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
    | 30 Mar 2018
    PBX, Phone system

    Meet our IP Cloud PBX

    IP cloud PBX

    Regardless of the size or industry of your business, our IP Cloud PBX is a contact center system for any company wishing to optimize costs and provide better customer support or lead targeted marketing campaigns.

    With developments in science and technology which arose in the middle of the 20th century, companies gradually grew in size. They needed more and more phone lines to handle the increasing number of incoming and outgoing calls. For example, businesses started to use separate phone lines for each individual department, but phone calls made via traditional analogue signal were quiet expensive and the same rates applied for intra-company calls made between employees. As expenses related to PBX management grew, it was obvious that a new solution – IP Cloud PBX – will soon have to come to life.  

    IP Cloud PBX System

    IP PBX (private branch exchange) works on the basis of VoIP telephony technology (transfer of voice phone calls over the Internet instead of traditional analogue transfer through a traditional phone line). 

    IP PBX can have the form of physical hardware, however, most large corporations prefer the so-called cloud solution – IP Cloud PBX, which means that all data and functionalities operate online and no local storage space or servers are needed.

    IP Cloud PBX works on the following principles:

    1. The client dials a number on a traditional fixed landline or mobile phone
    2. Analogue voice signal is converted into a digital one, which is then transmitted over the Internet 
    3. After reaching the target, the signal is converted back to voice signal
    4. You can accept the call on your phone, tablet or laptop, as long as it is connected to the internet

    * If this is a phone call coming out of your company, the process is reversed: first you dial a phone number on any device of your choice, then the signal is transferred via the Internet and converted, so the client can accept the call just like a regular phone call on his phone.

    Advanced VoIP technology for IP Cloud PBX

    Currently available IP Cloud PBX solutions open doors for new telecommunication possibilities. In the past, special devices were needed to make phone calls via VoIP, the so-called IP phones, which enabled the signal to be converted (some companies still use them today).

    In fact, all you need to start making phone calls is a call center system which works as an application on your computer, tablet or phone and internet connection (just like the  Skype app). Apart from making phone calls, users can organize conference calls, share data and use all advanced features designed to optimize interactions with customers.

    VoIP technologies also allow your call center to be easily integrated with other systems via API. History of phone calls, chats, emails, tasks or notes related to customers are displayed in one place, so you can leverage the data in each customer interaction, be it inbound or outbound calls.

    Benefits of IP Cloud PBX

    • Intuitive use: Cloud PBX system requires almost zero technical skills. Businesses do not need a dedicated IT department to manage it and employees don’t need special trainings to learn how to operate it.
    • Reduced costs: The system works on the basis of monthly payments with no strings attached based on the package you opt for. And what’s more, you can increase the number of agents at no additional costs.
    • Mobility: As long as you have internet connection, you can make phone calls with any device and from any place you like – another department, your home or another country.
    • Easily expandable: If you open a new branch, you don’t need any IT experts or complicated installation processes. Once you connect to the Internet and use your log in details to enter the call center system, your new branch is immediately ready to process customer requests. You can also interconnect individual branches via extensions.

    Business call centers which use IP Cloud PBX can use unlimited number of local phone numbers, international phone numbers or special toll-free numbers which are based on VoIP technologies, allowing customers to make phone calls at standard local rates from local networks.