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Resolve customers’ inquiries faster with IVR software. Call Center Solutions that feature IVR software range in price from $16 per user/month to $150 per user/month. 

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Cost Comparison for Call Center Software


Pricing and plans

Top features

Best for


4 plans, $25 – $50 per user/month billed annually. The price of a Custom plan is available upon request

Power dialer
International numbers
Call flow designer
Click to Call

Businesses of all sizes in need of multichannel business calling software for inbound and outbound teams.


4 plans, $149 – $229 per month

Automatic Outbound Caller
Call Queues
Call Tagging

Businesses of all sizes with inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers.


Offers many different pricing models. For example, Twilio Flex costs $1 per hour per active user or a $150 flat rate per user/month.

Open API
Click to Call
Call Recording
One free local number per plan

Businesses of all sizes in need of a scalable solution.


4 plans, $75 – $125 per user/month, price of the “Experience Clouds” plan available upon request

Auto dialers
Customer experience analytics

Omnichannel contact centers who want to automate their inbound and outbound customer interactions.


4 plans, $75 – $150 per user/month, price of “Genesys DX” plan available upon request

Outbound Autodialer
Predictive routing
Workforce optimization

Remote teams that need strong AI capabilities to automate processes.


3 plans, $30 – $50 per user/month billed annually, price of “Custom” plan available upon request

Comprehensive integrations
Number Panel
Shared Call Inbox
Live Activity Feed

Startups and small businesses in need of affordable solutions with basic features.


3 plans, $24 – $48 per user/month billed annually, price of a “Custom” plan available upon request

Call tracking, Recording&Monitorin
Auto&predictive dialing
Telemarketing management

Startups and small businesses who want to scale without scaling complexities.


2 paid plans, $20-40 per user/month billed annually. There is also a one-time onboarding fee of $25 per license

Call monitoring and recording, Call forwarding, Click-to-Call

Companies looking to expand their global reach 


3 plans, $18.95 – $32.95 per user/month billed annually

Video Conferencing
Call Recording
Call Routing
Workflow Capability
Automated Attendants

Businesses who need a robust, secure and reliable enterprise phone system that works across every device.


$16 – $40 per user/month billed annually, free Basic plan for startups

Free Call Recording, Ring Groups, Fax, PBX, Desk-to-Desk Calls, Conference calls

Support Centres and Sales teams across Industries like Demand Gen, Recruitment, and Finance

#1 Rated call center software

Based on 400+ CloudTalk reviews on 6 independent software marketplaces & platforms


260 reviews


840 reviews


310 reviews


260 reviews

Factors and Costs to Consider When Selecting IVR Software

Common Integrations and Their Associated Costs 

To make the most of your IVR Software, you’ll likely need to integrate one or more Customer Service software into your tool stack. Here’s a rundown of the most popular solutions on the market and their associated costs




$25 per user per month 


$19 per user per month 



Salesforce Service Cloud

$25 per user per month 

Zoho Desk

$20 per user per month 


$49 per user per month 


$12 per user per month 

Cost Variables Unique to IVR Software

While IVR Software can be a great tool for businesses to automate voice interactions and boost customer engagement, you should be aware of certain associated costs. Here are some cost variables specific to IVR software

  • Voice Talent and Recording Costs: Creating high-quality voice prompts and recordings for IVR systems sometimes involves hiring professional voice talent and renting a recording studio (or using AI voice-generation software!). Costs for script writing, voice recording sessions, or software may also factor into the equation.

Price estimate: $200 – 10,000

  • Telco Charges and Call Routing: IVR systems rely on telecommunication services for routing calls and playing voice prompts. Costs can vary based on the number of calls, call duration, and the complexity of the call routing logic.

Price estimate: $15 – 150.

  • IVR Script Customization: Developing and customizing IVR scripts tailored to your organization’s needs and customer interactions might require hiring developers or specialists, resulting in development costs.

Price estimate: $500 – 5000.

  • Analytics and Reporting Costs: If you require advanced analytics and reporting capabilities specific to IVR interactions, there might be additional costs associated with accessing detailed call performance metrics and insights.

Price estimate: $25 – 250

  • IVR Security and Compliance Measures: Implementing security measures specific to IVR interactions, such as secure data transfer and encryption, may lead to additional costs to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Price estimate: $500 – 5000. 

  • Training for IVR Usage: Training your customer service representatives to effectively use and manage the IVR system requires investment in terms of time and potential costs for training materials or external training services.

Price estimate: $100 – 1000. 

  • Voice Analytics and Speech Recognition: If you incorporate advanced speech recognition and voice analytics capabilities into your IVR system, there could be costs associated with acquiring and implementing these technologies.

Price estimate: $50 – 250. 

  • Multi-Language Support: Offering IVR support in multiple languages involves translating prompts and scripts, potentially leading to translation and localization costs.  

Price estimate: $250 – 500.

  • IVR Monitoring and Quality Assurance: Implementing tools and procedures to monitor and ensure the quality of IVR interactions can result in additional costs related to system monitoring and quality assurance efforts.  

Price estimate: $500 – 1500. 

  • Consulting Services: Engaging IVR consultants or specialists to optimize your system for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction might involve consulting fees.

Price estimate: $500 – 2500

Average Salaries of Customer Service Agents

After customers have made it through your IVR Call Flow, they’ll often be directed to a live agent with whom they’ll resolve their inquiry. Keeping these agents on payroll, of course, will be a significant cost to business owners. Here’s a chart of typical Customer Service Representative Salaries for different countries.

Note: Unlike Sales Agents, Customer Service Representatives receive just a base salary. Base salaries are typically a bit higher compared to Sales Agents because Customer Service Representatives don’t receive commission.


Average Salary

Czech Republic






United States of America




Dialer and incomming call illustration

Costs Associated with Using a Local Number for Customer Service Calling

If you’re fielding customer calls from countries across the globe, why not invest in Local Numbers for the countries in which you do business?

One of the great benefits of using a Local Number for receiving incoming calls to your new IVR Software system is that your customers will feel more at ease and willing to follow the IVR prompts you’ve created for them. 

Examples of CloudTalk’s pricing per country per month





United Kingdom




United States




































Cayman Islands



















Solve Customers’ Issues More Efficiently!


Expand business,
reach new levels



Premium features



Uptime SLA



Customer support



Countries available



Security and data monitoring

Dashboard illustration

Leveraging the
Power of AI

Artificial intelligence and automation enhance IVR software by enabling accurate customer interactions through speech recognition and natural language processing, while also automating tasks like call routing and personalized responses for improved customer experiences and operational efficiency.

The Benefits of IVR for
Customer Experience and Agent Efficiency:

More informed agents

IVR software gives agents streamlined access to the information that the system gathers about customers and their needs.  

Improved Agent Efficiency and Productivity

IVR systems automate routine tasks, freeing agents to focus on complex inquiries, resulting in potential efficiency gains of up to 30%

Increased First Call Resolution Rates

IVR’s accurate call routing and self-service options can contribute to first call resolution rates (FCR) increasing across the board.

Cost Savings

The cost of resolving customers’ issues with IVR can be up to 48x lower than resolving them with live agents alone.

Call Prioritization

IVR intelligently routes urgent calls to the appropriate agents, reducing response times and ensuring critical matters are promptly addressed


What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a phone system feature that uses automation and speech recognition to collect caller data and route calls based on the information provided. It offers pre-recorded menu options, call routing, call forwarding, and more to enhance customer self-service and call management.

Who uses IVR?

IVR is used within a variety of industries and for many different reasons, such as: 

  • By call center solutions and contact centers to provide customer service or accept sales 
  • By debt collectors and banks to accept payments over the phone
  • By retailers to accept orders or provide order updates 
  • By service providers to schedule and manage appointments 
  • By brick-and-mortar stores or other spaces to provide location and hours information

What is IVR call flow?

IVR call flow is a predetermined call forwarding and routing path that automatically directs callers to relevant, available agents based on the caller’s responses to pre-recorded IVR prompts. For example, IVR call flow ensures that callers with questions about their account statement are directed to the billing department, and not the sales or HR department.

How much does IVR cost?

The cost of IVR can vary depending on the provider, features, and customization. Cloudtalk offers flexible pricing plans, and the cost typically ranges from $25 to $50 per user per month, depending on additional features and requirements.

Which is the best call center software?

From the many options available on the market, Cloudtalk truly stands out due to its reliability, unique benefits, user-friendly interface, advanced features, and exceptional customer support. We empower businesses to achieve operational excellence and take their customer service to new heights. Read more about Cloudtalk’s benefits.

Which company has the best IVR?

Cloudtalk offers one of the best IVR solutions, known for its modern, scalable, and user-friendly platform. With advanced features, CRM integrations, and top-notch customer support, Cloudtalk ensures seamless customer experiences and efficient call management. We compared 5 IVR solutions.

What does IVR mean in sales?

In sales, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) streamlines customer interactions by providing automated self-service options and routing calls to the right sales agents based on caller input. It enhances lead qualification and improves sales team productivity.

What is the downside of IVR?

The downside of IVR lies in potential customer frustration caused by complex or lengthy menu options, leading to higher call abandonment rates. To mitigate this, Cloudtalk emphasizes designing clear and concise IVR menus for an optimal customer experience.


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