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Boost Your Sales Pipeline in 2023: Data-Backed Strategies

With traditional outreach success rates falling below 2% and a demanding audience seeking more tailored experiences, it’s time to update […]

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95% Of Your Customer Interactions May Be AI-Powered By 2025. Here’s How to Make The Most of It

Currently, 83% of executives consider AI a strategic priority for their business. What’s more, 87% of global organizations believe that […]


The Hidden Cost of Non-Scalable Software: You May Lose Up To 28% of Your Revenue

A study conducted by McKinsey found that a lack of scalable software solutions could cost businesses anywhere between 8% and […]

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You May Never Hear From 42% of Your Customers Again Due to Poor Call Quality

It’s intriguing how many customers mark a bad customer service experience as the number one reason for their churn. At […]

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CloudTalk Welcomes Jean-Christophe Bourgade as Chief Revenue Officer 

[Bratislava, August 3rd 2023] – CloudTalk, the company behind the next-gen business calling software designed to make the lives of […]


12 Marketing Automation Tools in 2023 with Pricing 

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is the best one to take. Marketing is no different. Why spend countless hours […]


AI for Sales: 8 Experts Strategies for Success

There’s only so much a human can do in a day, yet the expectations companies place on their employees seem […]


15 Expert Tips to Cut CAC During Economic Turbulence

In the face of economic turbulence, businesses are facing a new reality – customers are becoming more hesitant to spend […]

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How to Raise Customer Satisfaction as an SMB in 2023

An age-old adage goes, “Customer is King”. Nowadays, that saying might even be more true than it used to be. […]

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The Ultime Call Center Solution List (2023): Pricing & Comparisons

Let’s start off with a simple thread of logic. All companies, regardless of size, depend on customers for revenue. To […]