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illustration cold calling 2021

Does cold calling really work for B2B businesses in 2022?

Contrary to what you might think, B2B cold calling is very much alive. In a world where remote teams have […]

illustration partner program SHARE

A Partner Program With a Human Touch: Find Out What We Did In CloudTalk

We decided to take a full leap by launching a robust partnership program with generous benefits. What stands behind? The […]

sales rep illustration

How to Create Remote Work Policy?

It can be challenging to keep things organized when you work with a remote team or in a hybrid environment. […]

What is contact center share

What is a contact center and why do you need one?

If you were to ask anyone what a call center is, most of us would have some idea. We have […]

Working in a call centrum

Working in a Call Center: What You Need to Know Before Starting

If you want to find out which call centers are right for you before giving them a try, you’re in […]

call center assurance

Call Center Quality Assurance: Benefits & Best Practices

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of all call centers. It can either make or break your business. That is why […]

illustration magnifying glass

A step-by-step guide to an Efficient Sales Territory Plan

According to Harvard Business Review, quality territory design can increase your revenue by 2 to 7 %. That’s why the […]

illustration call center burnout

7 Ways To Prevent Call Center Burnout

Customer support isn’t an easy profession. Agents need to be patient, positive and helpful at all times. Constant pressure of […]

working remotely

8 Proven Communication Strategies For The Workplace

Communication of both the internal and external variety is integral to the success of any business. So integral, in fact, […]

illustration common VoIP security risks

9 VoIP Security Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them

VoIP security is one of those truly pernicious things that you have to keep constant tabs on. Conducting regular security […]