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How Does a VOIP Work?

Forget about phone cables, handsets, and circuits. Thanks to VoIP technology, you can make calls whenever and wherever you want, […]

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What is a VoIP Phone Extension and How does it Work?

As your company grows, you’ll start to employ more people. Usually, that’s a great thing. But when you start having […]

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7 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps In 2024

According to FlexJobs’ 10th Annual Survey, 58% of survey respondents said they want to work remotely full-time even after the […]

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Call Switching vs. Call Flipping

This brief article introduces Call Switching and Call Flipping tools and explains how each of them works. We also provide […]

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Cheap VoIP: Verdict on using a cheap VoIP phone systems

As the saying goes, what is good isn’t cheap and what is cheap isn’t good. In the case of VoIP, […]

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Free Conference Calling for Business – How to Set it Up

Conference calls were once reserved for large corporations that worked and had meetings overseas. They were also quite a luxury, […]

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Guide to Choosing VoIP phone systems for small business

By the end of 2025, the UK is to switch off all functionality for analog phone lines. While it means […]

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How to Get a Business Phone Number? 5 Steps Guide

Whether you want to start a new business or expand your current one, you will most likely need a new […]

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What is QoS in business telephony and how does it work

What is the biggest worry for businesses that are considering starting to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) instead of […]

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How To Lower Phone Bill up to 50 % – 7 Best Practices

Every company has mandatory expenses that simply can’t be skipped. These could include, for example, company insurance, employees’ wages, office […]