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What Is a Multichannel Call Center Solution?

It’s a solution that allows you to create better, more personalized customer experiences on all your company channels. Tailor your content and tone of voice to suit your audience on phone calls, SMS, social media, and email, and boost your conversions and overall performance. 

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Exceed Customer Expectations with Advanced Automation

Don’t leave your customers hanging (up) ever again. Ensure no call goes unanswered with a suite of VoIP-powered features, including callback, voicemail, auto-answer, and more. Or, let your clients access answers to their most burning questions with a variety of self-service options, like an IVR FAQ option or an online knowledge base.


WhatsApp Inbound Messages 

With millions of daily active users across more than 160 countries and a 99% message open rate, WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat platforms in the world. And now, it can also be your path to better customer service and smoother sales!

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The Top 3 Best Practices for Multichannel Call Center Solutions

Don’t Go Overboard on the Number of Channels

Providing high-quality customer service on a few channels is better than poor service everywhere. Make sure to choose channels that complement your company and customer base. The core channels should include voice, SMS, email, and web chat/chatbots.

Leverage AI & Self-Service

Up-front costs of AI and self-service options may seem high, but they’re nothing compared to how much money they’ll save and make you. We recommend you use tools like live transcriptions and sentiment analytics to create strong customer profiles. Then, put them to good use in IVR menus and chatbot scripts for FAQs and quick ticket resolution.

Track the Correct Metrics

Chasing vanity metrics won’t do your business any good. Keep it simple and focus on the ones with the biggest impact on your bottom line. These include Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), First Call Resolution (FCR), call volume, avg. time in queue, Customer Retention Rate (CRR), and Average Speed of Answer (ASA).

Get Inspired by Revolut’s succes story

How We Cut Revolut’s Sales Ops by 40 Hours per Month

Building the world’s first financial super-app and managing millions of monthly transactions is no simple task. After going global, Revolut learned this the hard way, and soon, the need to grow its sales teams became obvious. And although the company managed to scale its SDR count from 0 to 500+ in just 18 short months, it still lacked one thing – a unified web-based call center solution. 

Revolut was looking for several things. A fast, reliable, and secure way to contact their prospects, easy access to actionable insights in their CRM, and the ability to easily expand into new markets. That’s when the company reached out toCloudTalk. 

CloudTalk dramatically increased Revolut’s control over its inbound and outbound calling operations. Every sales agent’s work aspect can be tracked to improve performance. As a result, Revolut reduced sales operations by 40 hours per month, cut costs, and improved efficiency. 


What is a Multichannel Call Center?

A multichannel call center is a contact center that offers customers various channels for communication, including voice, email, live chat, social media, and messaging apps. A multichannel call center ensures customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred channel for communication and offers a seamless experience across all channels. This can help increase customer satisfaction and improve customer retention rates.
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What is the difference between a Multichannel and an Omnichannel Call Center?

Multichannel and omnichannel call centers are two different types of contact centers. A multichannel call center offers customers various channels for communication, but these channels may not be integrated. 
In contrast, an omnichannel call center offers customers a fully integrated experience across all channels. This means that regardless of the channel the customer uses to contact the call center, the agent will have access to all relevant information from previous interactions across all channels.


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