22. October 2018 Blog

5 reasons why clients will love you
– Part 2

5 reasons why clients will love you – Part 2

Today, top-notch services and products are simply not enough, businesses also need to focus on excellent customer care.

In the previous post entitled 5 reasons why clients will love you – Part 1, we’ve covered 5 reasons why your clients will love your company and how to eliminate barrier between you and your clients. In this article, we will add 5 new reasons. This time, we will focus on the technical side of customer support and the importance of on-boarding.


25 % of customers switch to a competitor because they are tired of being kept on hold

Solution: With CloudTalk, you will always know what your busiest times of the day are. This will help you ensure better staff coverage and avoid missed or abandoned calls. In critical situations, you can use the Callback feature or use Personalized greetings to inform clients that you will automatically call them back once an agent is available. You can also allow your customers to leave a Voicemail that the agent can listen to. 


82 % of consumers want to have their issues resolved quickly and on the first attempt

Solution: CloudTalk’s Advanced Call Routing feature will make sure that each customer call is routed to the agent who is best equipped to resolve the issue. 


80 % of customers expect you to know the context of their last interaction with your business

Solution: CloudTalk can be integrated with all your favorite tools (e.g. helpdesk or CRM), allowing you to access all relevant customer information in one place. Agents will have access to information about the customer’s previous interactions, which will make them better equipped to solve the issue. This also means that customers won’t have to explain the problem from the start.


66 % of clients expect a social media response within 24 hours

Solution: Don’t ignore social networks, because almost everyone uses them. In addition, they are also a good communication channel to talk to clients. You can use Facebook Messenger and create your own Chatbot that will handle customer communications for you.


29 % of clients switch brands because they are annoyed by a lack of employee knowledge

Solution: Efficient onboarding process, regular trainings and practical workshops ensure that your agents know your business, products, clients and processes. The more trainings you provide to your agents, the more they are able to resolve customer issues and respond to questions in an independent and efficient way. To learn more about what a call center agent should know, please read this post.