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Top 6 collaboration tools for remote teams in 2023

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world, many companies have been forced to quickly adopt a […]

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Best work-from-home routines in 2023

Let’s face it, remote work is not new but it is here to stay. Instead of spending long hours thinking […]

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Managing Remote Employees: 9 Best Practices in 2023

It’s 2023, and the number of people working remotely is increasing by the day. By 2025, the number of people […]

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Virtual meetings: How to make them more interactive in 2023

The average employee participates in at least eight meetings per week, many of which are held online. What can you do […]


Creating an Amazing Remote Work Culture: 7 Ideas for Success

About 97% of employees state that they wish to work remotely (at least partially) for the rest of their careers. […]

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How to Create Remote Work Policy in 7 Steps w/ Examples

It can be challenging to keep things organized when you work with a remote team or in a hybrid environment. […]

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Remote Team Communication – how to make team communication in a remote work environment easy

If you run a team that is totally new to working remotely or you have just launched a business and […]

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Work From Your Dream Destination

Ever imagined leaving your office job to live in your dream destination while working remotely? A lot of people want […]


Living in Prague as an Expat

Have you ever considered working as an expat? Taking this step can be both the most amazing experience in the […]


Customer retention: 5 tips to increase loyalty

If you run a business or are in charge of any important process within the company, you probably have a […]