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Motivate sales team

A Practical Guide to Motivating your Sales Team Despite the Pandemic

During 2020, employers suddenly faced the need to organize their salespeople’s work in a home office system. Bosses also had […]

Illustration improve sales efforts

What is a Sales Call? 8 Proven Ways to Improve your Sales Efforts

It may surprise you to learn that calls are still king when it comes to customer interactions, as 92% of […]

illustration what not to do in cold call

5 Red lines you should never cross in a cold call

Cold calling could be a hard game to play sometimes. You’re confident that your product is a solution everybody loves. […]

Sales Cadence

Creating an efficient sales cadence in your outbound call center

Are your sales reps having trouble deciding when and how to follow-up a prospect, in fear of getting themselves branded […]

sales rep illustration

Sales Rep Scorecards – a tool that nobody asked for but everyone needs

Do you ever follow so many sales metrics that you can’t figure out which data is actually relevant? Or maybe […]

Advantages illustration

8 Key Advantages of Call Center Software Every Business Must Know

Providing great customer service is important for every business to survive and thrive in the competition. However, responding to every […]

Sales objections

8 most common sales objections & how to handle them

Dealing with sales objections is one of the hardest parts of a salesperson’s job. How can you prepare for them? […]

Working together

Pre-call planning template for sales teams

Did you know that it takes 18 calls on average to actually connect with a buyer? In such circumstances, there’s […]

Phone hacks

Quick phone hacks for sales reps to crush quota

There’s no doubt that the effectiveness of the sales team affects the overall performance of any business. Improving it, therefore, […]


The importance of data-driven decisions in sales & customer service

Recently we can hear and read a lot about “big data”. Although it might seem like only a buzzword, the […]