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Importance of business communication

The Importance Of Business Communication – Definition, Types and Tips

People communicate with each other all the time. Without communication, we would not be able to do anything. It’s hard […]

illustration call center agent

5 Top Tips For A Customer-First Approach To Sales

Have you heard sayings like “the customer always comes first” or, even better, “the customer is king”? If not, you […]

Motivate sales team

A Practical Guide to Motivating your Sales Team Despite the Pandemic

During 2020, employers suddenly faced the need to organize their salespeople’s work in a home office system. Bosses also had […]

Illustration improve sales efforts

What is a Sales Call? 8 Proven Ways to Improve your Sales Efforts

It may surprise you to learn that calls are still king when it comes to customer interactions, as 92% of […]

illustration what not to do in cold call

Master Cold Calls: Avoid Red Lines for Sales Success

Cold calling could be a hard game to play sometimes. You’re confident that your product is a solution everybody loves. […]

Sales Cadence

Creating an efficient sales cadence in your outbound call center

Are your sales reps having trouble deciding when and how to follow-up a prospect, in fear of getting themselves branded […]

sales rep illustration

Sales Rep Scorecards – a tool that nobody asked for but everyone needs

Do you ever follow so many sales metrics that you can’t figure out which data is actually relevant? Or maybe […]

Advantages illustration

8 Key Advantages of Call Center Software Every Business Must Know

Providing great customer service is important for every business to survive and thrive in the competition. However, responding to every […]

Sales objections

8 most common sales objections & how to handle them

Dealing with sales objections is one of the hardest parts of a salesperson’s job. How can you prepare for them? […]


Pre-call planning template for sales teams

Did you know that it takes 18 calls on average to actually connect with a buyer? In such circumstances, there’s […]