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Boost Your Sales Pipeline in 2023: Data-Backed Strategies

With traditional outreach success rates falling below 2% and a demanding audience seeking more tailored experiences, it’s time to update […]

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95% Of Your Customer Interactions May Be AI-Powered By 2025. Here’s How to Make The Most of It

Currently, 83% of executives consider AI a strategic priority for their business. What’s more, 87% of global organizations believe that […]


The Hidden Cost of Non-Scalable Software: You May Lose Up To 28% of Your Revenue

A study conducted by McKinsey found that a lack of scalable software solutions could cost businesses anywhere between 8% and […]

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You May Never Hear From 42% of Your Customers Again Due to Poor Call Quality

It’s intriguing how many customers mark a bad customer service experience as the number one reason for their churn. At […]


AI for Sales: 8 Experts Strategies for Success

There’s only so much a human can do in a day, yet the expectations companies place on their employees seem […]


9 B2B Sales Tools Industry Professionals Use to Close More Deals

Nowadays, sales reps have access to dozens — if not hundreds or even thousands — of sales tools to help […]

9 simple tips on how to make cold calling far less stressful in 2021

9 simple tips on how to make cold calling far less stressful in 2023

Overwhelmed and frightened by having to make cold calls? You’re not alone. To take some stress off your shoulders, we’ve […]

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11 Best Sales Call Script Templates in 2023

A sales call script (also known as a call script or cold calling script) can help telemarketers and sales reps […]

Remote Sales Team

Get your remote sales team ready for 2023 with this checklist

A New Year means new challenges and opportunities. Learn from this checklist what you should focus on in 2023 to […]

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Does cold calling really work for B2B businesses in 2023?

Contrary to what you might think, B2B cold calling is very much alive. In a world where remote teams have […]