Best 10 Dialers for Real Estate Agents in 2024
By Angelika Czipin
| 15. May 2024 |
Features, Sales
By A. CzipinAngelika Czipin
| 15 May 2024 |
Features, Sales
    By A. CzipinAngelika Czipin
    | 15 May 2024
    Features, Sales

    Top 10 Dialers for Real Estate Agents Unveiled (2024)

    Looking for a way to supercharge your real estate sales in 2024? The right dialer can be a game-changer, helping you optimize lead management, increase your productivity and close deals faster.

    Read on to discover how these sales dialers can help you work smarter, not harder, and significantly increase your success in the competitive real estate market.

    Key Takeaways:

    • A sales dialer enhances real estate agents’ productivity by automating calls, reducing manual dialing frustration, and improving motivation with more efficient lead engagement.
    • When selecting the ideal dialer software, it’s important to align it with your strategic needs and ensure it integrates seamlessly with your CRM for smooth functionality. 
    • Key considerations should include the software’s reliability, security, ease of use, and its ability to scale alongside your business’s growth. 
    • Seek a cost-effective solution that offers a good balance between essential features and affordability. This is essential for optimizing your investment while supporting your operational requirements effectively.
    • Effective real estate dialers make reaching out easier with tools like automatic dialing, a local number, easy CRM integration, call recording for better quality, and detailed analytics to track how well things are going.

    Why Real Estate Professionals Need Specialized Dialer Software

    Specialized dialer software is essential for real estate professionals, acting as a digital toolbox to enhance client communications. With this software, you’re equipped to quickly make numerous calls, efficiently manage your call lists, keep tabs on follow-ups, and monitor your communications. All together makes your journey from scouting to sealing deals smoother.

    Beyond just dialing, a robust CRM dialer system can further refine your entire operation. It helps you manage contacts, automate follow-ups, and seamlessly integrate with property listings, all accessible from your mobile device. 

    This means you can handle leads, schedule appointments, and engage with clients without skipping a beat. Plus, the ability to sync with marketing tools and adhere to compliance and security standards shows how adaptable and essential this software is in today’s fast-paced real estate world.

    Unveiling Dialer Types: Which Fits Real Estate Best

    Each type of dialer caters to specific aspects of real estate operations. Your choice depends on what your business needs: e.g. to optimize call timing to increase your chances of connecting with leads or to ensure a steady flow of calls without overwhelming your team. Understanding the nuances of each type can dramatically improve your efficiency.

    #1 Power Dialer

    The outbound dialer makes one call per agent at a time. It offers a higher level of control over designated call queues, is simple to use and doesn’t require complex algorithms to work.

    When used correctly, the Power Dialer can help reach 3x more leads per day.


    • Pacing Management
    • Workflow Automation
    • Low Call Abandonment

    Best for:

    Real estate agents who prioritize a balance between reach and personal connection.

    Check the pricing of the Power Dialer here.

    #2 Smart Dialer

    Is the most complex of all outbound dialers. You can use it to create highly customized, adaptive call queues and campaigns. It is possible to integrate it with 3rd party tools (CRMs, Helpdesks, etc.) and Click-to-Call.

    When used correctly, it can lower call times by <50%.


    • Intelligent Call Pacing
    • Adaptive Algorithms
    • Single-Click Call Queues

    Best for:

    Ideal for high-value, medium-sized call campaigns focused on customer satisfaction.

    Learn about the costs of Smart Dialer on this page.

    Check how Power Dialer wins over Predictive dialer

    #3 Predictive Dialer

    An outbound dialer able to evaluate and anticipate call center capacity. Can initiate multiple calls simultaneously for each agent to maximize resource utilization.

    When used correctly, it can boost the number of successful calls by <400%.


    • Capacity Predictions
    • Number Filtering
    • Performance Tracking

    Best for:

    Real estate teams with limited resources who aim to maximize their call outreach.

    #4 Preview Dialer

    A more advanced type of sales dialer that places additional control in the agents’ hands by allowing them to preview contact information before initiating the next call.


    • Better personalization
    • More agent control
    • Less burnout

    Best for:

    Agents targeting a large customer base and real estate teams aiming to engage more customers by minimizing downtime between calls. This dialer is also great for teams of agents who need to work together on the same list to speed up their outreach efforts.

    #5 VoIP Dialer

    Although they work almost identically, VoIP Dialers differ from standard Auto Dialers in the fact that they’re unique to cloud-based call center software. They’re used to speed up cold calls over the internet to save costs on call charges.


    • International coverage
    • Simple to use
    • Cheaper calls

    Best for:

    Real estate businesses who are looking to expand their reach without paying hefty call charges.

    Check out how much can VoIP dialer cost you.

    #6 Auto Dialer

    The simplest and most common type of dialer. Auto dialers simply follow a pre-defined queue and initiate one call after another to speed up the calling process. They work with both PBX and cloud-based solutions.


    • Basic call automation
    • Simple to use
    • Affordable

    Best for:

    Real estate agents who want to increase their call volume efficiently and affordably, making it suitable for large-scale cold-calling campaigns or initial lead generation efforts.

    11 Benefits from Using Dialing Software in Real Estate

    Manually making 40 calls a day can be slow and frustrating, especially when leads are scarce. Considering that it often takes 8 attempts to reach a prospect and only 2% of calls result in an appointment, a dialer can significantly increase efficiency and motivation by automating these efforts.

    Here’s a closer look at how these tools can transform your real estate business:

    1. Use Dialing Automation

    Real estate sales dialers help you avoid the hassle of manual dialing by automating the process, and directly connecting you with prospects. This automation gives you more time to engage in meaningful conversations.

    2. Enhance Customer Experience

    By maintaining detailed call logs and client information, you can tailor your interactions to make each client feel valued and understood. With features like dispositions and tags, you can automate follow-ups based on certain triggers, allowing you to automatically send emails, text messages, or log call details into CRMs, streamlining your post-call process.

    A study by REDX found that 23% of real estate agents with their CRM properly integrated maintained a close rate of 16%.

    3. Streamline Workflow with Call Scripts and Notes

    The sales dialer boosts your cold calling by showing call scripts on your screen, helping you have smoother conversations and reducing anxiety and awkward pauses. Having a script right in front of you keeps you on track and builds your confidence while talking to prospects.
    The dialer also makes it easy to take notes right on your screen during calls, so you don’t have to pause the conversation. These notes are saved automatically when the call ends, letting you move seamlessly to the next call.

    4. Reduce Human Error

    A sales dialer cuts down on mistakes by automatically dialing numbers for you, so there’s no chance of calling the wrong numbers or contacting someone too often. It also improves tracking of important stats, such as how many calls you make and how long you talk on each call.

    5. Improve Performance with Live Call Monitoring

    Live call monitoring and analytics help you perform better by providing instant feedback and advice. You work with features like the ability to listen in on calls, offer tips quietly, or join the call if needed.

    6. Increase Lead Conversion

    Using dialer software for quick follow-ups can greatly boost your chances of turning prospects into clients since you can reach out to potential leads quickly and effectively.

    7. Expand Your Business Effortlessly

    As your real estate business grows, sophisticated dialing software easily scales with you. It adapts to increased call volumes without the need for substantial infrastructure investments.

    8. Improve Time Management

    Dialer software helps you manage your time better by setting up call schedules, so you can focus on what’s most important first. This way, you can spend more time on urgent tasks, boosting your productivity and making sure you don’t miss out on important opportunities.

    9. Get Data-Driven Insights

    With a detailed analytics dashboard, you get essential feedback and a clear overview of your data, which helps you keep improving and stay ahead of the competition. This method boosts your income by guiding you to make informed, data-based decisions in your real estate dealings.

    10. Reduce Missed Opportunities

    Built-in reminder and callback features are key to making sure you never forget to follow up with a lead. By automating these tasks, you can keep your sales pipeline moving and avoid losing potential leads, greatly increasing your chances of making a sale.

    11. Streamline Collaboration

    Auto-dialing software makes your teamwork smoother by letting you easily share call logs, notes, and updates on leads with your team. This central hub of information helps you stay in sync, ensures everyone is informed, and boosts your productivity. Plus, it enhances the customer service you provide, as any team member can take on a lead or inquiry with all the necessary background information at their fingertips.

    Top 8 Dialers for Real Estate

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by just the concept of benchmarking. However, it’s actually quite easy! Here are the 5 steps you need to take to get started.

    Power Dialer



    Power Dialer
    Smart dialer




    Salesforce dialer


    Power Dialer


    Power Dialer
    Smart dialer


    Auto dialer
    Predictive & Dynamic dialers


    Single/Multi-line Dialer
    Power Dialer


    Embedded Dialer Integration


    How to Find the Perfect Dialer for Real Estate Business in 5 Steps

    Before choosing a Dialer Software make sure that it is a perfect fit for your current needs and a valuable asset for the future.

    1. Assess Your Needs and Compatibility

    Start by evaluating what features you really need to enhance your calling strategy. It’s vital to select a system that integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, especially your CRM. This ensures a smooth flow of data and easy access to information. Compatibility with your current systems simplifies processes, making your team more efficient.

    2. Prioritize Reliability and Security

    For real estate professionals, having a reliable dialer that’s always available is non-negotiable. Look for a service with over 99% uptime, supported by robust infrastructure and redundancy to guarantee access around the clock. 

    Security is equally important; opt for software that offers end-to-end encryption, strong authentication, and adheres to standards like SOC2 or ISO 27001. Compliance with regulations such as TCPA and DNC lists is also essential. A platform with high third-party trust ratings can provide additional peace of mind, ensuring your operations are always secure and compliant.

    3. User-Friendly and Scalable Solutions

    The ease of use of the dialer software can significantly impact your team’s efficiency. A user-friendly interface speeds up adoption and benefits your operations sooner. 

    The software should also be scalable, and capable of growing with your business. This adaptability is essential, as it means you won’t need to switch systems frequently, which can be both disruptive and costly.

    4. Weigh Cost Against Value

    Lastly, consider the cost of the dialer software to the value it adds to your business. While it’s important to find a solution that fits your budget, it’s equally important to invest in software that offers a balance of essential features and affordability. The right software will not only improve your operational efficiency but also contribute to your overall business growth.

    5. Key Features of Effective Real Estate Dialers

    Effective real estate dialers should include the following features:

    • Save Time with Automated Dialing:
      Automated dialing systems place calls from a predetermined list, reducing the time spent on manually entering phone numbers.
    • Increase Pick-Up Rates with Local Presence Options:
      By displaying a local number to the call recipient, businesses can significantly increase the likelihood of their calls being answered.
    • Ensure Seamless Client Management with CRM Integration:
      Integrating your calling software with a CRM allows for automatic updates and tracking of client interactions, making client management more efficient and reducing manual data entry.
    • Enhancing Personalization and Efficiency with Customizable Voicemail: This allows you to create and use tailored voicemail messages for different campaigns or contacts.
    • Safe More Time with Voicemail Drop: This feature allows your agents to leave a pre-recorded voicemail with a click, saving time when reaching a voicemail box.
    • Add to Your Communication Options Text Messaging Capability: This feature enables you to send SMS messages directly from the dialer for follow-ups or appointment reminders.
    • Improve Customer Experience with VIP Queues: With this feature, you can assign multiple types of VIP tags to your customers and make sure they’ll get the best possible customer experience with no waiting times and the ideal agent for their needs.
    • Raise Customer Satisfaction with Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Directs callers through automated menus and can route them to the appropriate agent or department, improving the customer experience.
    • Enhance Quality and Training with Call Recording:
      Recording calls provides a valuable resource for reviewing performance, ensuring compliance, and offering targeted training to improve customer service skills.
    • Performance Tracking with Analytics: Detailed analytics allow you to measure the effectiveness of your calling strategies. They identify areas for improvement and allow you to make data-driven decisions to enhance performance.

    Do you want to try it for yourself?


    Real estate dialers are transforming how sales and client engagements are managed in the real estate sector, offering a blend of efficiency and deeper engagement with your projects. By integrating these advanced tools into your daily operations, your ability to reach out, follow up with precision, and nurture client relationships gets a significant lift. 

    This shift allows you to rethink your approach and employ technology to gain an edge in the competitive market of real estate. Additionally, the insight gained from detailed call analytics enables you not only to extend your outreach more effectively but to ensure that every interaction adds value. 

    In an industry where forging strong relationships and keeping in touch timely matter the most, real estate dialers provide you with the means to exceed client expectations, setting a new standard in service and communication.


    What is a real estate dialer?

    A real estate dialer is advanced software designed to streamline calling tasks for real estate professionals, improving efficiency in outreach and enhancing client interactions through automation and management of calls.

    What is the best dialer for real estate?

    The best dialer for real estate depends on individual business requirements, with popular choices like, CloudTalk, and CallHippo offering a range of features specifically tailored to the real estate industry’s unique needs.

    How much does a dialer cost?

    Dialer software pricing varies widely, starting from approximately $20 to $150 or more per month and user, influenced by the included features, user count, and specific provider.

    How do I get started with a sales dialer?

    Getting started with a sales dialer involves selecting software that fits your business goals, subscribing to the service, integrating it with existing CRM systems if necessary, and configuring your dialing campaigns and lists for optimal outreach and efficiency.