A Guide to Best Sales Dialer To Close More Deals
By Veronika Bucko
| 25. January 2024 |
By V. BuckoVeronika Bucko
| 25 Jan 2024 |
    By V. BuckoVeronika Bucko
    | 25 Jan 2024

    How to Close More Deals with the Best Sales Dialer

    Unlock your sales team’s true potential with next-gen business calling software. 

    Learn to leverage different sales dialers to boost agent productivity by 80%, contact 45% more leads per day and close up to 30% more deals.

    What is a Dialer in Sales?

    Sales dialers are software tools that automate and streamline sales teams’ outbound processes

    They can integrate with CRM systems to contact leads directly from the interface or create queues and campaigns to reach prospects as efficiently as possible.
    On top of that, modern sales dialers also use numerous other features to make the process even more effective, including tagging, notes, call scripts, questionnaires, and more. 

    What Are the Different Types of Sales Dialers?

    There are 3 main types of sales dialers, each with its own benefits and best use cases. 

    These include:

    Smart Dialers:

    AI-powered sales dialer with intelligent routing options to lower call times by up to 50%.


    • Populate call queues with numbers from any CRM or website with a click;
    • Prioritize leads based on time zones and expected responsiveness;
    • Easily order the numbers in the queue with drag-and-drop;

    Works best for: Quality-focused call campaigns.

    Check how Smart Dialer can help you, and learn about smart dialer pricing.

    Power Dialers:

    Multi-line sales dialer to help you reach 3x more leads by calling multiple contacts at once.


    • Streamline agents’ daily tasks with pre-made campaigns, scripts, etc.;
    • Save time by automatically dialing a new number at the end of a call; 
    • Power analytics with on-call tagging, note-taking, etc.;

    Works best for: High-volume call campaigns.

    Learn more about Power Dialer, and check Power Dialer’s pricing.

    CloudTalk’s Power Dialer is helping us save 5 hours each day.

    Wajid K, G2

    See why you should choose Power Dialer over Predictive Dialer.


    The most basic dialer with limited functionality but an affordable price point. Not offered by CloudTalk due to obsolescence.


    • Basic call automation;
    • Simple to use; 
    • Affordable;

    Works best for: Low-cost call campaigns.

    Learn more about Auto-dialer here.

    How you can compare Auto vs Predictive dialer?

    What Are the Benefits of Sales Dialers?

    How do sales dialers impact your company’s performance?

    I like being able to just click and let the Power Dialer do the work.

    Erik M, G2

    1. Speed up your sales 

    Eliminate tedious tasks like manual dialing, note-taking, voicemails, and on-call qualification with AI-powered sales dialers to maximize outbound efficiency and reach more leads faster.

    2. Increase Revenue

    Increase call volume, provide better experiences, and lower costs to maximize your revenue. Automate your sales team’s daily workflows, evaluate performance in real-time, and close deals.

    3. Improve Agent Productivity

    Accurately diagnosing issues in calls is essential for efficient coaching, and the best way of doing that is listening back to past calls via the Call Recording feature. Find all your past alls in an easily-navigable library. 

    4. Improve Connection Rates

    Automatically account for time zones and prospect needs based on previous interactions to ensure your calls always reach the right person at the right time with the right messaging.

    How Dialers Helped CloudTalk’s Customers

    Are you looking for inspiration to start using sales dialers? Here are some of our customers’ success stories.


    After onboarding CloudTalk’s Power Dialer with 46 international numbers, Glovo reached 82% more customers in just three months. Learn about their success story.


    Combining CloudTalk’s Analytics, Power Dialer, and 21 international numbers allowed SalesPassie to increase its outbound calls 2x and talk time by 25%. Read more about their story.


    How do sales dialers work?

    Sales dialers automate outbound calls, enhancing sales efficiency by swiftly connecting agents with potential customers. Through pre-loaded contact lists, these tools streamline the calling process, optimizing sales outreach.

    How much does a dialer cost?

    The cost of a dialer varies based on features, scalability, and providers. Typically, businesses can choose from subscription models tailored to their needs, ranging from affordable options to more comprehensive, feature-rich packages.

    How do I keep track of sales calls?

    Sales dialer software is invaluable for companies aiming to increase sales productivity. A dialer boosts efficiency if your sales team frequently engages in outbound calls, ensuring more connections and potentially higher conversions.

    How do I get started with a sales dialer?

    To start with a sales dialer, research reputable providers, select a suitable package, and customize your settings. Training your team on its functionalities and integrating it with your CRM system ensures seamless implementation and utilization.

    How to remove a number from a call list on sales dialers?

    Removing numbers from call lists on sales dialers usually involves accessing the software’s interface, identifying the specific contact or number, and deleting it from the list. This helps maintain an updated and targeted calling database.

    How are speed dialers used for sales?

    Speed dialers are used in sales for rapid dialing of pre-programmed numbers. Sales professionals assign frequently dialed numbers to specific keys, enabling swift and efficient calling and saving valuable time during outbound sales campaigns.

    How is a predictive dialer for sales different from regular sales dialers?

    A predictive dialer for sales employs algorithms to predict agent availability and call volume, ensuring that agents are connected to live calls when available. This differs from regular dialers by maximizing agent talk time and minimizing downtime, significantly enhancing overall sales efficiency and productivity.