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SalesPassie is a leader in sales optimization, offering advanced tools and strategic insights to enhance sales team performance. With a focus on leveraging technology and tailored training, SalesPassie helps professionals exceed targets and drive business growth, making it an essential partner for improving sales processes.

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SalesPassie combines art and science in sales, offering training and tools to enhance selling skills. With over 32,000 followers in the Netherlands, they help boost lead conversion and profits through comprehensive support from their expert team.


Did you know that more than 65% of people are more confident in a company if the business adopts phone number masking solutions? The SalesPassie team realized how much this feature would help them so they started looking for a tool that would fit their needs and finally solve their biggest issue. 


SalesPassie’s 24 agents use CloudTalk daily, significantly boosting outbound calls and close ratios with features like Call Masking and Smart Dialer. CloudTalk’s real-time stats and dashboard enhance efficiency, doubling call numbers and increasing talk time by 25%. In three months, they made 32,000 calls over 90,000 minutes using 21 international numbers.

Merging Art and Science for Effective Selling

Selling is both an art and a science. While some might try to guess what percentage of selling is an art and what percentage is a science, we believe the two aspects go hand in hand. Merging them into one, comprehensive approach and becoming a sales master requires studying, training, failing and trying it all over again. Luckily, there are many organizations that can help make this process easier. 

Empowering Dutch Entrepreneurs with Expertise and Tools for Enhanced Sales Performance

With more than 32,000 loyal followers in the Netherlands, SalesPassie and their team of 60+ expert closers helps clients convert more leads in a multitude of ways. Working out of Utrecht and Tilburg, SalesPassie’s dedicated team helps entrepreneurs, sales managers and salespeople improve their sales results by providing free articles, training courses, events and software. Their overarching goal is to help entrepreneurs and companies to build professional sales processes that generate more leads, appointments and — ultimately — greater profit. SalesPassie’s Quest for a Business Phone System That Enhances Supervisor EngagementThe Splitty team was looking for a business phone system that could deliver all of these tools, and that would enable supervisors to be involved in the interaction with customers, especially by being easily referred to when needed.

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SalesPassie’s Strategic Search for the Ideal Phone Software Provider

Having calls reported as SPAM is not exactly the best path to success for a sales division. But this was the issue that the Salespassie team struggled with the most as they were trying to get their business off the ground. Problems started to pile up when their staff was forced to undergo frequent phone numbers changes in order to maintain communication with prospects. If you want to reach your prospects in today’s world, making calls without the ability to mask your numbers is a nonstarter — in the best-case scenario, your prospects probably won’t answer your calls. Worst case? You will be stuck in an ongoing cycle of canceled calls, demotivated employees, and wasted time. Moreover, without the right VoIP provider, you have zero information about your agents or their performance, leaving you unable to improve your sales strategies due to the absence of comprehensive calling statistics. 

SalesPassie realized that their previous provider was not able to solve these issues and started looking for a user-friendly VoIP solution which would help them grow their business without limitations.

SalesPassie Travel team’s favorite features

Call Recording: To ensure the highest quality of our service, ability to record our calls is essential. By accessing call recordings directly in CloudTalk, agents can listen to previous interactions with other reps. That helps to gather relevant information and personalize their approach to client calls. On top of that, supervisors are able to develop a more detailed understanding of their clients’ thinking and needs. 

Call Notes: Thanks to Call Notes any agent can quickly orient themselves in any given situation and promptly react without the client having to repeat his request, or the stage of his solution twice. SalesPassie agents can create their own tags or choose ones CloudTalk tailored for their type of business – e.g. sales, lead, follow up required, interest, sale closed, etc. CloudTalk in addition also synchronizes notes with our CRM tool ZOHO so there is no need to manually copy or search the information again.

Smart Dialer: CloudTalk’s flagship feature, the Smart Dialer automatically compiles a list of numbers and allows agents to automatically call through them with a single click. It is a perfect tool for dialing a lot of numbers consecutively. The Smart Dialer doesn’t stop with standard websites, it also works with CRMs or any content opened within a browser where phone numbers are present.

Call Statistics: CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software. SalesPassie desperately needed complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues, and thanks to CloudTalk it all became possible. Now, the SalesPassie team is making smart decisions based on relevant data. Statistics allow us them to optimize call center activities, identify gaps in team efficiency and reduce costs.  

Call Monitoring: Can you imagine being able to easily monitor agent performance and ensure that your company quality standards are being met? This feature allows SalesPassie supervisors to choose the most suitable way to approach real-time call monitoring. They can listen in on calls without interrupting agents or callers, whisper additional information only to the agent if needed (the caller doesn’t hear anything) or drop-in on live calls to interact with both the caller and the agent.

Wallboard: Wallboard is the perfect feature for showing everyone insights into their productivity. CloudTalk’s wallboard displays a clear overview of different information related to a company’s cloud call center on LCD screens in real-time. SalesPassie’s team can modify the information displayed based on their current needs. If they want to motivate team members to improve their performance, they simply display the results of their most productive agents. Sharing individual and group statistics is a great way to strengthen team collaboration. 

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

Essential CloudTalk benefits

A Clear Overview: CloudTalk’s dashboard has everything needed to increase sales volume and minimizes cost or resources. Using advanced call center analytics, the SalesPassie team can measure and improve communication with customers resulting in better customer loyalty. With real-time analytics, they can live track the performance of their agents. Intuitive UI allows them to find everything they need quickly and easily.

Business Hours: With this advanced feature, SalesPassie agents can decide when they’re available for receiving calls and let their clients know when they’re ready to serve them. Outside of these hours, they can choose a special personalized absence message, redirect calls to a different phone number or answering machine, or even use various combinations. What SalesPassie values the most is that CloudTalk allows them to set business hours for each of their phone numbers individually or, if they so choose, use the same timeframe for the whole team.

Voicemail: No matter if all of their agents are busy or they receive calls outside of business hours, with this feature no incoming SalesPassie calls remain unanswered.  They created individualized and group voicemail messages which are played when they can’t pick up the call. Their clients can leave them a message, which will be sent to the appropriate agent or a group of agents to respond to the query as soon as they are available.

Integration with ZOHO CRM: It is essential that the systems SalesPassie uses are integrated, meaning that they don’t have to switch programs every time they need to take notes or retrieve call recordings. Moreover they can see callers’ Zoho CRM details before picking up calls, synchronize SMS messages sent from CloudTalk to Zoho or streamline business processes with Workflow Automation. 


SalesPassie’s team of 24 agents uses CloudTalk on a daily basis. Our software checked all of their boxes and is helping their sales team to more easily make outbound calls. Thanks to our Call Masking feature, clients are more open to answering calls, which has resulted in an increase in SalesPassie’s close ratio (sales being closed compared to the number of proposals given). 

CloudTalk’s advanced statistics and real-time dashboard have also had a major impact on their team’s efficiency. Supervisors can precisely monitor the activity of everyone on their team. As a result, their number of outbound calls has almost doubled and their talk time has increased by 25%.

Last but not least, thanks to our Smart Dialer feature,  productivity within SalesPassie’s team has grown enormously. The Smart Dialer automatically scans the content of a specific website looking for phone numbers, and then automatically adds all of the numbers to a calling queue with only a single click.

In just 3 months, the SalesPassie team has made 32,000 inbound and outbound client calls using 21 international numbers, spending more than 90,000 minutes on the phone with clients.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

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