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Cost Comparison of the Best Auto Dialer Providers


Pricing and plans

Top features

Best for


4 plans, $25 – $50 per user/month billed annually. The price of a Custom plan is available upon request

Power dialer
International numbers
Call flow designer
Click to Call

Businesses of all sizes in need of multichannel business calling software for inbound and outbound teams.


4 plans, $149 – $229 per month

Automatic Outbound Caller, call Queues, Notifications, Call Tagging, and Callbacks

Businesses of all sizes with inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers.


4 plans, $75 – $150 per user / month, price of “Genesys DX” plan available upon request

Outbound Auto Dialer, Predictive routing, and Workforce optimization

Remote teams that need strong AI capabilities to automate processes.


4 plans, $75 – $125 per user / month, price of the “Experience Clouds” plan available upon request

Auto dialers, Customer experience analytics, AppConnect, and Conversations

Omnichannel contact centers who want to automate their inbound and outbound customer interactions.


4 plans, $35 – $95, Enterprise plan requires booking a demo

Contact Personalization, Progressive Dialer, Information Locator, Daily Summary, and Prospects Sorting

CRM users, Account Executives, SDR/BDRs, Inside sales teams, Enterprise sales teams, sales managers, sales reps.


3 plans, $30 – $50 per user / month billed annually, price of “Custom” plan available upon request

Comprehensive integrations, Number Panel, Shared Call Inbox, and Live Activity Feed

Startups and small businesses in need of affordable solutions with basic features.


3 plans, $20 – $35 per user/month billed annually

Real-time Metrics
International Numbers
Conference Calls

Enterprises in need of omnichannel experience, as well as lead qualification, management, collaboration, and performance tools.


3 plans, $18.95 – $32.95 per user/month billed annually

Video Conferencing
Call Recording
Call Routing
Workflow Capability
Automated Attendants

Businesses who need a robust, secure and reliable enterprise phone system that works across every device.


4 quote-based plans

Automatic contact distributor, IVR, automated sales dialers, speech analysis, and Workforce optimization

Big businesses and enterprises with a high volume of calls.


3 quote-based plans

Phone calls&Messages
Voice&Video Conferencing
Call Forwarding

Small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses that need a scalable, easy-to-use VoIP platform with a wide array of solutions.

Power Dialer – Close 3x More Deals 

Revolutionize your sales efficiency with our game-changing automation tool. Automatically dial a steady stream of numbers, drive revenue, and empower sales teams to close deals at  3 times the usual rate. 

Power dialer is ideal for businesses with a large volume of daily calls.

complex dashboard
Desktop phones illustration

Smart Dialer – Reduce Time Spent On The Phone by up to 50%

A smart dialer uses algorithms and data analysis to automatically select the best leads for agents to call. In contrast, a power dialer dials a pre-set list of numbers automatically and connects agents to the next available contact. It is typically used for high-volume outbound calling.

Ensure a streamlined and productive calling process and reduce calling times by half. Minimize idle time between calls while maximizing agent availability and productivity. 

Smart Dialer is the perfect match for businesses seeking to optimize their call center operations and boost agent efficiency, regardless of team size.

#1 Rated call center software

Based on 400+ CloudTalk reviews on 6 independent software marketplaces & platforms


260 reviews


840 reviews


310 reviews


260 reviews


Choose the Auto Dialer That Matches Your Goals

Handle High Call Volumes

Ensure that your chosen auto dialer software can efficiently manage the influx of outgoing calls on a daily basis. The efficient software will allow you to connect with leads and customers promptly without overwhelming the system.

Consider Call Types

Whether it’s sales pitches, lead generation efforts, or surveys, your chosen Auto Dialer software should be tailored to handle all sorts of calls effectively. 

Keep Your Growth In Mind

Ensure a seamless expansion of operations without compromising call quality or agents’ performance. As your company grows, your software should seamlessly accommodate increased call volumes and agent capacity. 

You should also consider an international number availability and pricing. CloudTalk’s 160+ international numbers start at $6 a piece. You can purchase as many numbers as you like – even on our Starter plan.

Examples of CloudTalk’s pricing per country per month





United Kingdom




United States




































Cayman Islands



















Ensure Compatibility With CRM Software

Secure consistent data management across platforms. Your Auto Dialer software should seamlessly integrate with your CRM software and enable sales agents to access relevant customer information during calls. 

Price breakdown of the most common Sales CRM integration


Price per user/month, billed anually


$18 – $792, offers a free plan


€25 – €300


€14,90 – €99

Zendesk Sell

$19 – $115

ActiveCampaign for sales

$19 – $49, Enterprise plan price upon request

Prioritize Strong Analytics

Optimize overall call center operations. Your chosen software should provide detailed insights into call metrics, enabling managers to monitor call performance, analyze agent productivity, and make informed decisions.

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Dashboard illustration

Think About Security

Choose auto dialer software that adheres to the latest data protection regulations and ensures customer confidentiality of customer information. Search for encryption protocols, secure data storage, and built-in compliance features. 


Which Auto Dialer software is the best? 

It depends on your specific needs and requirements. However, CloudTalk is a highly recommended Auto Dialer software provider known for its comprehensive features, reliability, and user-friendly interface.

What is an Auto Dialer in sales?

An Auto Dialer in sales is a software tool that automates the process of dialing phone numbers from a database. It enables sales teams to make a higher volume of calls more efficiently. The Auto Dialer helps streamline sales activities and improve productivity by automatically connecting agents to the next caller.

Which Auto Dialer software is the cheapest?

The pricing of Auto Dialer software depends on the providers and features that they deliver. CloudTalk offers competitive pricing plans, starting at $25/month, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking for a reliable and budget-friendly Auto Dialer solution.

Is Auto Dialer software worth it?

Yes, Auto Dialer software is worth it for businesses that rely on outbound calling or customer support. It significantly increases productivity, optimizes call handling, and improves overall efficiency, resulting in better customer experience and increased sales. Check out more benefits here.

How do I choose the best Auto Dialer?

When choosing the best Auto Dialer, consider factors such as the specific needs of your business, the features and capabilities offered by the software, user-friendliness, reliability, customer support, and pricing. We recommend trying demos or free trials to evaluate the software’s suitability for your business before you’ll make a decision.

Which systems are required for installing Auto Dialer software?

To install Auto Dialer software, you need a device with a stable internet connection. For a single user or small office, a desktop or laptop computer is sufficient. If you plan to run a call center, you may need multiple computers and a network setup to handle the call volume.

Are Auto Dialers illegal?

Auto dialers are not illegal, but there are regulations and restrictions governing their use. It’s important to comply with laws related to telemarketing, privacy, and consent. Partnering with a reputable Auto Dialer software provider like CloudTalk ensures compliance and adherence to legal requirements.

How many calls does an Auto Dialer make in an hour?

The number of calls an Auto Dialer can make in an hour depends on factors such as the dialing mode, the number of available lines or channels, and the average call duration. On average, an auto dialer can make around 60 calls per hour on a single channel.


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