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Call tagging

Assign each call a self-made tag. This labeling will allow you to sort calls into categories and quickly identify what type of call is it.

Increase your team productivity with Call Tagging

Thanks to the great call center feature Call tagging you can freely select all incoming and outgoing calls, for better and easier orientation later. You can also filter the call tags, which will allow you to search through the call history based on your chosen label. Simply click on the tag (complaints…) to see a list of all calls with the chosen tag.

CloudTalk allows attaching each call to several tags. Calls can be labeled with different tags and their combinations, for example:

  • Claims and complaints
  • Technical support
  • New orders
  • Guidance
  • External suppliers
  • VIP customer
  • New customer
  • Feature request
  • Order returns


  • New customer + Technical Support
  • New orders + VIP. Customer
  • Claims and complaints + External suppliers. + VIP customer

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For even easier orientation individual tags have different colors. Labeling of calls enables your agents to have an overview of. incoming and outgoing calls without any need for further clicking. You can easily find every call you need at the moment within a couple of seconds.

Mandatory tagging

CloudTalk offers the option to force your agents to add tags after a call is finished. You can set up call tagging based on :

  • Company
  • Number
  • Agent

Take a look also to our Call Notes feature which will perfectly complement Call Tagging and can significantly increase productivity and performance of your team.

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Provide better service with CloudTalk’s features

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These features might be interesting for you

  • Call notes – increase the quality of the customer experience through the feature Notes on Calls, which allows you to add notes to any calls you want. 
  • Callback – Thanks to callback feature, there won’t be any unanswered phone calls in your call centre, because CloudTalk will automatically call your customers back.
  • Call Statistics – Track the performance of your call center. CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software.
  • Call flow designer – Create pre-defined calling scenarios based on your business needs and preferences.
  • Power Dialer – This feature provides you with a quick solution to connect you with customers. You can monitor the campaign in real-time and if necessary, make necessary adjustments to make it even more efficient.

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