Call Tagging

Use custom or pre-existing call tags to track different types of interactions, goals, outcomes, and many other metrics. Filter your analytics by tags and dig into company performance.

Guten… Tag?

Custom Tags

Create custom call tags and track unique types of calls or relevant KPIs for your business.

Mandatory Tagging

Fuel your analytics by enforcing mandatory call tagging as part of the post-call summary.

Tag Analytics

Filter analytics by tag(s) to dig into specific company initiatives and overall performance.

What Is Call Tagging?

Call Tagging lets you create personalized tags to capture a particular call’s topic, category, or result.

Help agents quickly recall details from previous customer interactions, identify leads’ buying intent, and keep track of follow-up actions.

Who’s Call Tagging For?

Group: Company-wide
Helps with: Improving FCR, Boosting sales, Supporting agents’ satisfaction 

How Does Call Tagging Work?

You can check call tags anytime in the call details and get insights without re-listening to the call. You may also create automated workflows using call tag data and boost operational efficiency. For example, the software could modify a support ticket every time agents add a new call tag to it.

Furthermore, it’s possible to filter by tags in Analytics and check the logs for specific call types.

Agents can add or edit tags both during and after a call.

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What are Call Tags?

The call tagging feature allows you to put various labels on your phone calls based on the context. It is a powerful business tool that can be added to the advanced call routing system to further streamline the contact center processes.

What is the meaning of call tagging in a call center?

Among other cutting-edge call center capabilities, call tagging enables you to maintain organization in your call center operations. Your agents will be able to give top-notch customer service to your clients and remain on top of the most recent contacts with hot leads by adding various tags to the customer calls. In addition, call tagging enables easier navigation when it comes to studying consumer data and seeing patterns in customer interactions.

How do you dial a French phone number?

Once you’ve signed up for a CloudTalk account, you can request a virtual number for France via our Dashboard.
Just click on the “Numbers” tab, click “Buy a number” and our team will get you sorted with your new number in short order.

Why is tagging important in call centers?

In call center settings, maintaining organization is crucial. Contact centers frequently experience overload due to their heavy call volume and workload. It is possible to categorize and navigate through a variety of consumer contacts thanks to contact tags. Call tagging enables your agents to stay organized, identify and see trends and challenges in customer service, better understand customers’ emotions and create effective strategies.

What some popular tags to use?

Some of the most commonly used tags include technical support, sales department, customer complaint,  order return, etc. You can also use mandatory call tags that force agents to assign a certain tag and fulfill some additional information like number, company, and agent right after a phone call to treat customers professionally.

How can I create custom tags?

Integrate your CloudTalk account with your favorite business tool. Thanks to integrations, when synchronizing contacts, CloudTalk automatically applies a tag to each of them – with the name of the integrated business tool from where they have been retrieved. Check out this guide to get started.

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