Best Software for Sales: CloudTalk’s Top 10 Picks for 2024
By Veronika Bucko
| 25. January 2024 |
By V. BuckoVeronika Bucko
| 25 Jan 2024 |
    By V. BuckoVeronika Bucko
    | 25 Jan 2024

    Cloudtalk’s 2024 Top Sales Software Picks

    Discover the ideal software for sales, tracking, and marketing with Cloudtalk’s curated list. Elevate your sales management game effortlessly.

    Top 10 Software Tools to Unlock Sales Performance in 2024


    • Pricing and plans: 4 plans, $25 – $50 user/month billed annually. The price of a Custom plan is available upon request. 
    • Top features: Power Dialer, International numbers, Call flow designer, IVR, and Click to Call.
    • Best for: Businesses of all sizes in need of business calling software for inbound and outbound teams.


    • Pricing and plans: Pipedrive offers 4 plans, with pricing ranging from $12.50 to $99 per user/month billed annually. Custom plans are available upon request.
    • Top features: Pipeline management, Email integration, Goal tracking, Automation, and Contact history.

      Best for: Sales teams and businesses of all sizes seeking a user-friendly CRM solution.


    • Pricing and plans: HubSpot provides 4 plans, with prices starting from $45 to $320 per user/month billed annually. Custom plans are available for specific business needs.
    • Top features: Marketing automation, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CRM, and Analytics.
    • Best for: Businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer service platform.


    • Pricing and plans: Salesforce offers various plans, with pricing starting from $25 to $300 per user/month billed annually. Custom Enterprise plans are available.
    • Top features: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics, and Custom App Development.
    • Best for: Large enterprises requiring a highly customizable CRM platform with extensive features.


    • Pricing and plans: Freshworks provides plans starting from $19 to $99 per user/month billed annually. Custom plans are available.
    • Top features: Helpdesk, CRM, Live Chat, Marketing Automation, and IT Service Management.
    • Best for: Businesses looking for a comprehensive customer engagement platform.


    • Pricing and plans: Zendesk offers plans from $19 to $99 per user/month billed annually. Custom Enterprise plans are available.
    • Top features: Support Ticketing, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Analytics, and Automation.
    • Best for: Customer support and service teams of all sizes.


    • Pricing and plans: Zoho has plans ranging from $12 to $45 per user/month billed annually. Custom plans are available.
    • Top features: CRM, Email Marketing, Project Management, Analytics, and SalesIQ.
    • Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking an integrated suite of business applications.


    • Pricing and plans: Mindtickle’s pricing details are available upon request.
    • Top features: Sales Enablement, Training, Coaching, Analytics, and Gamification.
    • Best for: Sales teams aiming to enhance their skills through comprehensive training and coaching.


    • Pricing and plans: Bitrix24 offers plans from $19 to $159 per month billed annually. A free plan is also available.
    • Top features: CRM, Project Management, Social Collaboration, Communication, and HR tools.
    • Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses looking for an integrated business management solution.


    • Pricing and plans: ActiveCampaign provides plans starting from $15 to $279 per user/month billed annually. Custom plans are available.
    • Top features: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, CRM, and Machine Learning.
    • Best for: Businesses seeking a unified platform for marketing and sales automation with a focus on customer experience.

    Build Sales Productivity:
    Reach 3x More Prospects

    Unlock unprecedented productivity and propel your business toward scalable growth with advanced sales dialing software! Harness the power of AI and slash call times up to 50%.

    Connect with 3x more leads, amplify your outreach, and expand your revenue. The future of sales efficiency is here and it’s coming to raise your bottom line.

    Discover CloudTalk’s Power Dialer

    Prospect Smarter:
    CloudTalk’s Top 4 Features for Sales

    Transform your prospecting game with advanced VoIP sales features. From smart call routing to auto-dialing and call recording, these tools streamline outreach, optimize communication, and elevate your sales strategy effortlessly.

    1. Smart Call Routing:

    Streamline your outreach with intelligent call routing, ensuring that your calls are directed to the most relevant prospects. Save time and enhance efficiency by connecting with leads more swiftly.

    2. Auto-Dialing Technology:

    Boost your prospecting efforts with auto-dialing capabilities to connect with a higher volume of leads in less time. Eliminate manual dialing, increase call frequency, and optimize your outreach strategy.

    3. Call Recording and Analysis:

    Capture valuable insights by leveraging a call recording feature. Analyze conversations to refine your approach, identify successful strategies, and enhance communication with prospects. Elevate your sales game with data-driven decision-making.

    4. Voicemail Drop Functionality:

    Craft and deploy personalized voicemail messages efficiently. Save time by using voicemail drop features, letting you leave tailored, single-click messages.  Enhance your connection with prospects and improve overall engagement rates.

    How Sales Software Helps Businesses Build Revenue

    1. Accelerated Sales Process:

    Don’t let repetitive tasks slow down your sales cycle. Leverage cutting-edge sales software to speed up lead qualification, automate follow-ups, and facilitate seamless collaboration to close deals faster and more efficiently.

    2. Increased Rep Productivity: 

    Empower your sales representatives with intuitive tools that streamline workflows, automate routine tasks, and provide real-time insights. Witness a significant boost in productivity as your reps focus more on high-impact activities, ultimately driving increased revenue.

    3. Automated Reporting and Analysis:

    Bid farewell to manual data crunching. Embrace the efficiency of automated reporting and analysis, allowing your team to make data-driven decisions swiftly. Gain deep insights into performance metrics, track key trends, and adapt strategies in real time for continuous improvement.

    4. Centralized Knowledge Management:

    Efficiently manage and access critical information in one centralized hub. Say goodbye to scattered data and welcome a cohesive knowledge management system that enhances collaboration, reduces information silos, and ensures your team is always equipped with the latest insights for informed decision-making.

    5. More Accurate Forecasting:

    Boost the precision of your sales forecasts through advanced software that analyzes historical data, tracks trends and factors in a wide range of variables. Achieve a new level of forecasting accuracy, empowering your business with insights to make strategic decisions. Stay ahead of market dynamics.


    What is cold calling software and how does it work? What is sales software?

    A sales software is a digital solution that assists businesses in managing, automating, and optimizing their sales processes, from lead tracking to closing deals.

    What is sales management software?

    Sales management software is a specialized tool designed to streamline, track, and analyze the sales process, helping sales teams manage leads, opportunities, and performance metrics.

    What is the most important tool for sales?

    While various tools are vital depending on the specific needs of a company, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is often regarded as the most important because it centralizes customer data, interactions, and sales processes.

    What CRM means?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a system or platform used to manage and analyze customer interactions, aiming to enhance relationships, increase sales, and improve customer retention.

    Which software manages sales and market for current sales and customer service?

    Comprehensive platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM offer integrated solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service under a unified ecosystem.

    What is another name for sales and contact management software?

    Sales and contact management software is often interchangeably called CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

    How to generate leads for software sales?

    To generate leads for software sales, leverage content marketing to target specific pain points, employ SEO strategies to rank on search engines, utilize pay-per-click advertising, attend industry conferences, and engage in social media campaigns.

    What programs do sales reps use?

    Sales reps commonly use CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot, communication tools like Slack,  Zoom, and its alternatives, or email tracking solutions such as Outreach or Yesware.