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Drive Winning Sales Rep Behavior With Mindtickle Integration

Nail every customer interaction with Mindtickle. The sales enablement platform lets you quickly review calls, identify winning  sales behaviors, and train your sellers based on real data.


Identify ideal sales behaviors of your leads and customers

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Empower revenue teams and close deals with confidence

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Search for keywords in call transcript and review calls faster

Perosnalized Greetings

Share know-how from best performers and teach by example

How Mindtickle Helps You Grow


Cultivate sales excellence

Mindtickle offers a unique approach to sales enablement. Be sure that every time your reps jump on a call, they have just the right things to say.

Speed up your selling processes

Gain quick access to call transcripts and sell faster. Searching based on keywords always gives you the right information right when you need it.

Hear your market’s voice

Boost your revenue with advanced analytics. Make strategic decisions based on the latest market insights and provide services that are relevant.

Perosnalized Greetings

Teach by example

Acknowledge impressive performance and use it to shape agents’ learning. Build training courses, create a knowledge base, and provide spot-on feedback.

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Mindtickle + CloudTalk

CloudTalk and Mindtickle work together as relay racers – CloudTalk handles the volume of your calls the most efficient way possible, and Mindtickle takes over from there – providing an automatic analysis of sales conversations, keywords, and an interaction score. 

Thanks to the Mindtickle and CloudTalk partnership, you can discover and apply winning behaviors much faster and coach your sales reps accordingly. You may also identify deal risks, so you won’t miss out on any opportunity. 

Furthermore, you can easily find important learning insights. Simply add scores for each call under a specific tag in CloudTalk.

Setting up CloudTalk + Mindtickle Integration

To get your CloudTalk and Mindtickle integration up and running, follow our step-by-step illustrated guide. After you have successfully completed all the steps, we recommend you wait around 5 minutes before placing the first call.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

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“Mindtickle training increased our sales results – 200%+ to the Plan.”

John C.

Senior Account Executive


What is Mindtickle?

Mindtickle is a cloud-based sales enablement and learning platform that helps businesses with team onboarding, engagement, and development. It provides a set of tools to assist sales teams in acquiring and retaining customers, increasing efficiency, and optimizing sales performance.

How does Mindtickle + Cloudtalk integration work?

The Mindtickle and CloudTalk integration allows sales teams to communicate with prospects and customers in real-time via voice calls and chat. Furthermore, Mindtickle’s data-driven insights help sales teams gain valuable customer information and close deals faster.

What are the benefits of using Mindtickle + CloudTalk integration?

Mindtickle and CloudTalk’s cooperation increases efficiency and improves customer insights and sales performance. Thanks to it, sales teams can now quickly access customer data, track customer engagement, and use real-time insights to close deals faster.

How to measure sales performance?

Sales performance can be measured in a variety of ways, including customer engagement (check our auto-attendant scripts that help you to engage customers on call), sales team performance, and data-driven insights. 

Mindtickle provides comprehensive analytics to assist teams in measuring their performance and identifying areas for improvement.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement provides resources in order to close more deals. Examples of such resources are onboarding tools, training, and sales coaching. 

Check our onboarding portal.

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