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The 3 Best Tools to Record a Phone Call in 2023

According to the Contact Babel survey, over 90% of businesses record their phone calls. Yet the same study claims that […]

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What is a POTS line and Why Should you Get Rid of it?

Everything’s going digital – including the way we make calls.  The good old copper phone lines haven’t completely vanished yet, […]

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What is Call Pop and How Does It work?

When it comes to customer support, callers have high expectations nowadays. They want to reach an agent through a channel […]

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How to automate your sales process and why

Let’s start with the most obvious question: is it even necessary to automate the sales process? After all – and […]

illustration automate sales processes

Automation in your support center: the nuts and bolts

Getting the most value out of your time, talent, and technology resources is crucial for delivering top-notch customer support. A […]

how to automate your sales process

Your Guide to Sales Process Automation with 6 Tips

There’s no doubt that automation changes the way we work. Even though it tends to have equally many opponents and […]

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Call Center Scripts

What is a call script? To put it simply, it’s a manual that a call center agent reads when interacting […]

Complex guide through call center automation

Call Center Automation: Guide to Trends&Benefits (2023)

Technology moves miles forward year by year. Progress in AI, machine learning, and automation changes the way many industries work, […]