The 3 Best Tools to Record a Phone Call in 2024
By Natalia Mraz
| 1. January 2023 |
Automation, Technical
By N. MrazNatalia Mraz
| 1 Jan 2023 |
Automation, Technical
    By N. MrazNatalia Mraz
    | 1 Jan 2023
    Automation, Technical

    The 3 Best Tools to Record a Phone Call in 2024

    Illustration the 3 best tools to record a phone call in 2021 MAIN

    According to the Contact Babel survey, over 90% of businesses record their phone calls. Yet the same study claims that only 34% of them are actually using the recordings to boost their performance. Perhaps it’s considered too time-consuming. To make the process more efficient, you’ll need a quality call recording system. In this blog, we will present you with a selection of our favorites.

    Why Do You Need Call Recording?

    You’ve probably read a dozen articles that introduced the most common benefits of using call recording. Such as monitoring calls for agent training or quality assurance. These are, without argument, important. 

    Yet call recording has many more advantages. Some of them might not come to your mind. So, let’s go through them now.

    #1 Supports Active Listening

    God is in the details, claims a famous saying. Yet, when trying to memorize a conversation, we are missing those details. We are listening, but we actually don’t register many of the most important things that have been said. 

    Trying notes, for instance, prevents you from crafting your own ideas and truly capturing the essence of the conversation. 

    Thanks to call recording, you can access your information anytime. This takes a lot of pressure from you and your agents’ shoulders. When talking to a customer on the phone, they can focus on what is important. The more agents listen, the more clients feel like they are being heard. That significantly boosts your customer satisfaction rate.

    Call recording can also help in situations that you can’t control. For example, a customer has a very strong accent that prevents agents from understanding everything they’re saying. There may also be background noise or bad connections. 

    Pro tip:

    Try to use call recording during interviews with job candidates. First, you can focus on what they’re saying and how they say it without worrying about missing out on important details. Secondly, since you probably have dozens of applicants, recording allows you to recall who said what, increasing the chances that you’ll choose the right employee.

    #2 Easily Resolves Misunderstandings

    Acquiring new customers can be 5 times more expensive than retaining your current ones. So that should be your goal. It’s not always possible, yet sometimes, you may be losing a customer on happenings you could easily avoid. Such as misunderstanding. 

    No matter how great your service is, customers can simply insist that you have made a mistake. Knowing what your agents truly said can save you a great client. 

    A call recording serves as incontrovertible evidence of the truth. 

    For example, a customer claims that your rep promised him a certain feature that your product doesn’t have. Your rep, on the contrary, insists that she/he didn’t. With call recording, you can easily find out. Therefore, it reduces time you spend on disputes and helps salvaging professional relationships. Also, it saves a lot of valuable time

    Pro tip:

    Especially when you own a small business, it’s likely that you have loyal customers with whom you communicate repeatedly. Since each of them is a unique individual, listening to the recordings will reveal what works with them and what doesn’t. You and your team can then craft a communication strategy that makes clients happy. 

    #3 Boosts Marketing Campaigns

    Having a structured database of your most recent customer interactions is a gold mine. You can listen to all of their pains, opinions, likes and dislikes. Your team may review this information in order to find out as much as possible. For example, you could discover who is an ideal target group for the campaign you are currently working on.

    You can further gather frequently used keywords for better optimization. Thus, reviewing call recordings can help you eliminate guesswork and attract the right clientele for your business. 

    Pro tip:

    Recording phone calls also helps you to see how business communication evolves over time. By maintaining a call recording database, you can compare previous and current customer issues. That helps you make a lot of necessary changes and improve your internal agent training processes. 

    #4 Protects from Lawsuits

    Recording phone calls has significant legal regulations. In different countries, there are different laws regarding privacy policies. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure your business errs on the side of caution. In some regions, it may be completely illegal to record phone calls, or the recording of phone calls can have some specific restrictions

    In other regions, it may be even required by law to record your business calls and store these recordings for a certain amount of time. If any lawsuit regarding what was said through phone communication arises, legal authorities can ask you to release a recordingas evidence. 

    This usually turns out to be a good thing, though. 

    If you are falsely accused, the recording serves as a proof of your innocence. You can even solve the issue with the third party and stay out of court. That is significantly cheaper than going through a long lawsuit, which has the potential to financially ruin even the most prosperous companies. 

    Pro tip

    Don’t only scratch the surface. Always go into specific details of call recording regulations for your region. 

    Find out more about legal regulations in this blog.

    How to Choose the Right Tool

    Before we dive into the 3 best tools for call recording, it’s important to explain why it’s necessary to shoot for the highest quality. Here is a quick overview owhat risks you may face, as well as a checklist of what to take into consideration.

    Downsides of Choosing Poor System

    • Software failures: In tools with poor system configurations, call recordings can be deleted, inaccessible, or not recorded at all due to technical issues.
    • Poor user experience: Systems that are difficult to navigate take valuable time from your team. It also increases the chance of human error. Employees have to be sure they can fully rely on the system.
    • Security: This is perhaps the number one aspect you should take into consideration. Companies store tons of confidential information. Leaking them can take down your whole business.

    What to Consider Before Purchasing

    • Does the tool have an interface that is easy to use?
    • Does the tool comply with what your business needs?
    • Is the tool secure?
    • Is it within your budget?
    • Is the price equal to the value the tool provides? 

    The 3 Best Tools for Call Recording in 2024

    From the many quality systems there are to consider, we chose 3 of our personal favorites.

    #1 CloudTalk

    Flagship trait: Complex call handling system

    Free trial: 14 days

    Demo: Yes + dedicated customer success specialist

    Pricing: Plans start at $25

    Phone application: Yes, it works on both Android and iOS

    General information

    Of course, we are going to mention ourselves. But not because we want to force our solution on you. It’s because CloudTalk is a complex system that, besides call recording, provides all sorts of other call-handling features. These support you through the whole communication process. 

    Our cloud-based telephony software works well for businesses of all sizes. We are also proud of our friendly user interface, which includes nearly 70 features and over 40 integrations

    CloudTalk works as browser extension, desktop application, and phone application (CloudTalk Go) for both iOS and Android. You can use our system on all devices — laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 


    First, let’s focus on what’s at the core of this blog: call recording. CloudTalk automates the whole process. And once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser. Anywhere and anytime. Monitoring your calls with CloudTalk significantly improves customer interactions and satisfaction.

    We also offer complex call monitoring that gives you a comprehensive overview of your phone calls anytime you need. You can easily gain access to all information on your calls and optimize your services. 

    After each call, your team can evaluate customers’ moods by choosing one of 5 emojis with CloudTalk’s emotion analytics. Nowadays, this feature is one of the top trends in analytics and data collection

    And last but not least, when circumstances call for it, you can easily add a third person to the line with a 3 way calling tool. Having the support of another specialist makes customer interaction smooth and efficient. 

    What you also may appreciate is the level of optimization CloudTalk offers. You can easily integrate it with external systems through API.




    #2 CallRail

    Flagship trait: Call tracking

    Free trial: 14 days

    Demo: Yes

    Pricing: Starting at $45

    Phone application: Yes, works on iOS


    General information

    This call-tracking solution is dedicated mainly to marketers. It tracks processes or spending, responds to leads, and therefore assists with winning more customers. It provides a clear view of all digital marketing efforts.


    The strongest feature is call tracking which includes keyword-level tracking. Further, CallRail offers call recording with unlimited storage in all plans. 

    The user interface is especially friendly. You may listen to your phone calls directly from the dashboard. Another plus is that you can download your recordings or create a custom URL. This way, you can also play audio files directly from the browser

    CallRail further offers instant number setup, greeting messages, advanced reporting, and more. 

    A special function we have to mention is the “whisper message” feature that gives agents context as to where calls are coming from. For example, in the case of promotion or marketing campaigns. 

    A possible downside – CallRail lacks an API. 




    #3 Callcap

    Flagship trait: Call monitoring

    Free trial: 30 days

    Demo: Yes

    Pricing: On request

    Phone application: Yes, works on Android


    General information

    If you want to improve the ROI, effectiveness, and performance of your agents, Callcap may be a good choice for you. It is a solution ideal for start-ups that tracks and monitors your calls. Recordings are available anytime and from anywhere. It’s mostly used for training purposes, identifying lost opportunities, and staff monitoring

    Key features

    With Callcap, you get a call recording service that you can access from anywhere and anytime. Of course, it doesn’t miss call reporting, as well as interfaces with easily accessible data or near real-time alerts.

    Yet what makes Callcap truly unique is third-party monitoring. You can share your calls and get an expert evaluation from a team of professionals. 

    The experts provide you with the following services:

    • Catalog of item tracking based on items discussed during the call
    • Key points of conversations
    • Notes on how your calls were mishandled
    • Lead opportunities
    • Customized scorecards



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    Whether you own a start-up or an international corporation, recording phone calls is a must-do. It brings you more than just a way of performance monitoring. By listening to your customer interactions, you can support active listening, prevent harmful misunderstandings, boost marketing campaigns, or even protect your business from a devastating lawsuit

    But in order to do so, you need a high-quality call recording tool. Do your research before making a financial commitment. Consider risks and ask yourself crucial questions regarding your business needs. 

    We just presented you with three of our personal call recording favorites. Maybe you found the right tool in that list. Maybe you’ll keep looking. 

    Whatever you do, we hope you’ll find the one that suits you best.