28. November 2018 Blog

How Does a VOIP Work?

How does a VoIP work

VoIP can help you use standard internet connection to make free phone calls. But how it works is still confusing to some small business owners. Don’t worry, we will explore the basics in this post.

VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony, is one of 2018’s most rapidly growing voice communication solutions. The technology is revolutionary and is expected to expand in future. If you know how it works, you can use it to your business’s advantage. 

In simple terms, VoIP functions like any other data that you send over the internet, such as emails. It converts analog voice communication into a digital signal (data packets) and sends it over an IP network. Using a VoIP service, you can call landline, cell phones or computer-to-computer. This means that you don’t need traditional landline, because you can make phone calls via the internet.

There are three main ways how to use a VoIP service:

1. ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor)

ATA is a device that allows you to connect your analog telephone to your computer or your internet connection. It takes the analog signal from your phone, converts it into digital data and sends it over the internet.

2. IP phones

These specialized phones look just like normal phones, but they are built especially for VoIP. 

3. Softphones 

The easiest way to use VoIP. There are several companies offering software and applications that load a VoIP service onto your computer, for example Skype.

The amazing thing about how VoIP works is the flexibility to use nearly any device you want. Whether you’re using a cell phone, tablet or laptop, you and your employees can make calls from any device anywhere in the world, all you need is internet connection.

If your business operates in several countries, good news is that international and long-distance calls are generally free or much cheaper with VoIP service.

What this means for your business?

It’s simple. VoIP can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and boost collaboration. One of the main benefits of VoIP systems is that they allow you to combine voice and internet communications into the same service. All your data is stored in a cloud, so your employees can use your communication system from home or on the road.

VoIP requirements

Thinking about setting up VoIP service in your business? First of all, you need a reliable internet connection. Depending on the features you’ll be using, you might need more bandwidth. Another important factor is the right device. You must have a router that allows you to connect phones to the IP network and any other necessary equipment like ATAs or softphone. The last thing you need is a VoIP provider, for example CloudTalk.