Business phone system

A cloud-based business phone system to make smarter calls, so you can focus on growing your business instead. With CloudTalk Voice, you can interconnect your branches, departments and team members without any hassle.

Business phone system by CloudTalk
CloudTalk Business phone system

Set up your call center in 5 minutes

Setting up your call center has never been easier. CloudTalk Voice replaces your outdated PBX business phone system and lets you scale with ease. No need to invest in phone hardware or be afraid to work with IT experts. All you need is your internet browser and a headset and you’re ready to make your first calls.

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Be smart with advanced analytics

CloudTalk Voice empowers you to monitor and manage communication experience even better. View past customer conversations and call notes during the call to be more effective. With real-time analytics you can track call activity, service level or customer sentiment to make better data-driven decisions.

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CloudTalk Analytics for Business Phone System

View past customer conversations and call notes during the call to be more effective.


An opportunity to view call logs, call recordings or sentiment with other call metrics to increase the performance of your call center.


Complex statistics on call queues, ongoing conversations, agents and call data all in one place.


CloudTalk Voice provides high-quality offer, care and service, all included in our business phone system solution.

Easy management
Use CloudTalk’s web-based admin interface to manage your call center in real-time, add agents, phone numbers and set up everything you need at any given moment.
Reduced operational costs
With our business phone system, you can significantly reduce your operational costs, as no special skills are required and there's no need to hire extra IT specialists. CloudTalk can be managed in a user-friendly interface - all you need is internet connection.
Business phone system accessible from anywhere
CloudTalk is completely cloud-based business phone system - all you need is to set up your CloudTalk account. But don't worry, if you already have an existing infrastructure, CloudTalk can be easily linked to it. Switch between your laptop and your cell phone easily.
Make smarter calls
Distribute all calls to your team in a smart way and view past customer interactions during the call to enhance customer experience. Native integrations with CRM, helpdesk or other popular apps boost your productivity and take lots of manual tasks out of your workflow.
A service level agreement can be provided for all CloudTalk PBX business phone systems, guaranteeing maximum level of reliability and technical support.
Reliable operation with 24/7 monitoring

We always make sure your data and voice services are safe. All data (including VoIP itself) are stored in secured locations of Amazon AWS with 24/7 monitoring provided by CloudTalk experts.


With CloudTalk advanced features, your phone experience will get to a whole new level.

Integrate your active call center software with 500+ tools

Integrate your phone system with popular business apps

CloudTalk Voice can be easily integrated into your existing business tools like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout etc. Integrations allow you to eliminate everyday routine work, boost team performance, streamline your workflows and make sure that all changes are updated in all your systems.

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