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illustration customer service tools

Customer service tools you should use in 2022

Customer service tools improve the quality of service provided by your agents. If you are wondering which ones are worth […]

illustration call center activities SHARE

Best 11 Customer Service Games, Activities, and Training Ideas

Many people will tell you that work is not all fun and games, but in reality, this can’t be further […]


The Most Comprehensive Comparison of Helpdesk Software for 2022

Equip your customer support team with the best helpdesk system and unlock its full potential in 2022. It’s no secret […]

customer support audit

Is your customer support ready for 2022? Here’s how to audit and improve it

A lot has changed in the last couple of years, to put it lightly. If your customer support strategy hasn’t […]

Quality Assurance

8 benefits of Quality Assurance that will enhance support team performance

Customer service is all about providing a positive experience. Businesses lose huge profits each year because of ineffective support. Quality […]

Illustration first call resolution

Why is SaaS Customer Support more Important than Ever?

Your customer support team is basically a voice of your business. Driving it towards excellence has multiple advantages that may […]

All data in call center

Why Should You Be Monitoring Your Customer Support, and How?

Want to ensure your customer support runs like a well-oiled machine? Monitoring customer support in your company is one way […]

handle angry customers cover

9 Effective Ways To Handle Angry Customers (with Examples)

If you work as a contact center agent, you’ll have to deal with angry customers sooner or later. That’s just […]


Do you know the difference between inbound and outbound call centers?

Customer service is constantly changing. And there is a need for it, since 54 % of all consumers from all […]

Happy customer

10 tips to making your customer support calls friendlier

Customer support is among the top instruments to improve the customer experience. Indeed, for 96% of consumers, customer service is […]