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CoachHub is a leading global talent development platform that enables organizations to create a personalized, measurable and scalable coaching program for their entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organizations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention.

CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is made up of over 2,500+ certified business coaches in 60 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 50 languages. With such numbers, market requirements and global expansion, CoachHub recognized the need for a call center solution that would allow them to streamline their service processes at all levels.


From the very beginning, CoachHub’s vision was clear: a personal coach for every employee, helping them to measurably advance their careers. Ensuring that all the business processes involved in achieving that vision went smoothly was a challenge not just for one team, but for the entire company. The challenge was daunting, but CoachHub was ready to face it.

Finding a single communications platform that meets all of your needs is not easy. In order for CoachHub to be able to provide its services anytime and anywhere, it needed to find an outbound call center software that would enable communication beyond state and national borders. In addition, CoachHub also needed their solution to seamlessly integrate with their Hubspot and Zendesk CRM tools, so they could focus on their clients’ needs and not waste time on unnecessary tasks.

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Enter CloudTalk

The CoachHub team had heard about the many benefits cloud-based call centers could provide, but it needed to find a platform that specifically catered to expansion on a global scale. The number one priority for the CoachHub team was to make or receive calls from any location and on any device of their choice, a feature that their previous provider could not provide.

CloudTalk is one of only a handful of providers on the market that offers an international numbers feature. This allows CoachHub to acquire phone numbers from more than 180 countries around the world. CloudTalk also offers easy-to-install yet powerful integrations that make day-to-day workflows more efficient, all at an affordable price for early-stage startups. These powerful features supercharged CoachHub’s sales and outreach efforts and propelled their company to even greater heights than they thought possible — and they can do the same for your business, too.

The key requirements for the phone software were:

  • Simple Integrations: Every client appreciates personalized service, which is why companies like CoachHub should store client information in one centralized, easy-to-access place. CloudTalk meets the need by having all incoming calls trigger a pop up window containing the caller’s profile. Moving between interfaces is easy, too — it only takes one click to get from CloudTalk’s Phone app to your Zendesk or Hubspot client profile. These powerful integrations allow CoachHub’s coaches or other teams like support, sales or HR to personalize their communication and make sure clients are kept happy.
  • Responsive web admin: Being able to use CloudTalk’s call center interface on desktop and mobile allows you and your employees to work flexibly, wherever they might be located. Everyone can choose what works best for their daily work, whether it’s a desktop phone setup, the mobile app or the classic dashboard. This kind of flexibility can be liberating for employees, as it enables them to do their best work at the office, at home or on the go.
  • Crystal-clear calls: Just one 60-minute outage can cost businesses thousands of dollars or more. For companies like CoachHub, it can interrupt crucial training sessions, or derail a sales rep’s negotiation with a key client. At CloudTalk, high-quality calls come first, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to establish a strong network of telco partners across the globe. This way, everyone can enjoy high-quality calls with guaranteed latency and minimal jitter.
  • Easy onboarding: Many companies are intimidated by the thought of having to onboard all of their team members to an entirely new call center system. CloudTalk’s intuitive interface put these fears to rest for CoachHub’s team. Integration only took a few minutes, which allowed CoachHub employees to hit the ground running and stay focused on value-added tasks.
  • Affordable price: With so many call center solutions available today, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. At CloudTalk, we understand that companies may want to try before they buy, which is why we offer a free 14-day trial. CoachHub took advantage of the free trial period to test CloudTalk’s many features and decide which pricing program worked best for them. Now they’re enjoying the many benefits CloudTalk offers at a price point that won’t hamper their growth.
  • Globally scalable: Taking their product to a global audience was always CoachHub’s primary goal. CloudTalk allowed CoachHub to finally expand to countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia and more. Using international phone numbers created long-term financial benefits for CoachHub, as it can for your business. Conducting business on a global scale has never been easier!
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With its many features and integrations, CloudTalk has become an integral part of every team’s workflow at CoachHub. In just 3 months, the CoachHub teams have made 3,700 inbound and outbound client calls using 57 international numbers, spending 3,680+ minutes on inbound calls and 7,280+ minutes on outbound calls.

Thanks to CloudTalk, CoachHub can offer its services globally without unnecessary additional fees. Another great advantage is that each agent has his or her own number, which allows easy and fast communication with all of their clients. CloudTalk is a daily help for CoachHub’s support, sales, finance and HR teams. With CloudTalk, the entire company can work efficiently and effectively to achieve current and future growth goals.

Results in the last 3 months


Inbound and outbound calls


Minutes on the phone with clients


Phone numbers

  • International phone numbers: One of the most important features for CoachHub is international phone numbers, which gave them the opportunity to expand their services globally. With this feature, CoachHub is able to acquire international numbers with geographic or non-geographic codes from more than 140 countries. Local phone numbers allow customers from abroad to call at standard local rates or free of charge. Don’t let international borders constrain your business’ growth!
  • Integration with Hubspot CRM: Integration with Hubspot is a must for companies like CoachHub! Hubspot + CloudTalk Integration allows 2-way real-time synchronization (this applies for all Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings or Tags). Moreover, you can easily sync all deals, tickets or contacts, which will save you a lot of time in the long run.
  • Integration with Zendesk CRM: Providing quality customer care is paramount in today’s market. CoachHub knows this, and has been extremely satisfied with the level of customer support their integration with Zendesk CRM has enabled. Linking their integration to CloudTalk has only sweetened the deal, allowing CoachHub’s support team to see their whole call history in Zendesk (including tags, notes or sentiment ratings). In Zendesk, each inbound and outbound call is automatically logged as a ticket and if needed, the support team can easily access call recordings in Zendesk’s customer profile. Last but not least, CloudTalk has one huge advantage in terms of call charges: all inbound calls are FREE. You could really say Zendesk CRM and CloudTalk are a ‘perfect match’.
  • Caller ID: With this feature, agents can personalize their communication with clients from the get-go. CloudTalk displays the name of the caller, their phone number and much more even before the call connects. With Caller ID, an agent can also see the assigned phone number tag (sales, interested, product question, support,…), so they’ll immediately know which branch number the caller dialed. Having all of this valuable information at their fingertips will allow your agents to solve customers’ issues more quickly, and keep your business moving in the right direction.
  • Personalized greetings and music: A prerecorded greeting is oftentimes the first interaction a client has with your business. With CloudTalk, you can create personalized greetings that are played to the caller according to pre-set criteria. CoachHub uses this feature to inform their clients about expected caller queue duration, company business hours or how to navigate a technical problem. You can even program in a catchy tune to help clients in your caller queue pass the time.
  • Click to call: With our click-to-call feature, agents can initiate calls directly from their internet browser or preffered CRM. Every phone number is automatically detected and converted to a clickable format, so whenever their sales reps or agents need to make a phone call, they can simply click on a number on the web or in the interface of their favorite program. CloudTalk will take care of the rest.
  • Preferred agent: CoachHub offers their customers a cutting edge, sustainable and effective coaching approach bringing tangible, lasting organizational and behavioral change. That requires a personalized approach, and the Preferred Agent feature is a perfect match for it. The customer is guaranteed a connection with their preferred agent, which makes everything not just personalized but efficient and more pleasant for everyone.
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Michael Zeitlin

Team Lead, Global Revenue Operations at CoachHub

Michael is leading the global Revenue Operations Team at CoachHub where he can be found working on the GTM Strategy. His team responsibilities include creating a smooth journey from marketing through sales to CS, including the tech stack (for example a top-level phone system and optimizing internal routines).

CoachHub team’s favorite features

  • Voicemail: CloudTalk’s Voicemail feature will ensure that no inbound calls remain unanswered even outside of business hours or when all agents are busy. Inbound calls are routed to voicemail, allowing callers to leave a message at times when the virtual phone system is not available. Never leave your clients hanging again!
  • Conference calls: Solving tasks across teams and improving teamwork can be much more challenging when working remotely. This is especially true when you have agents working across different time zones. With CloudTalk’s conference call feature, CoachHub can schedule all-hands meetings quickly and easily. CloudTalk lets you organize a conference call between all sorts of participants: eg. managers, managers and agents, agents, agents and clients, etc. If needed, the conference call can be recorded and for playback at a later date.
  • Emotion analytics: Emotion analytics is currently one of the leading trends in analytics and data collection. It can be a powerful tool for supervisors to gather relevant feedback and make new suggestions to improve teamwork and working conditions.
  • Mobile app: Our new mobile app is everything CoachHub’s salesforce of more than 100+ people need. They can easily stay connected with customers and prospects, even while on the road. Both iOS and Android apps are available for download.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

Setting up a cloud phone system that is remote ready has never been easier. 


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