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Finax represents a revolution in investing by bringing a fair and sound investment product to the CEE market. The platform offers the entire process of investing online while introducing how intelligent investing works, increasing people’s financial literacy, and more.

With 15,000 clients across 5 markets, Finax deals with 100 million euros of capital. Customers must feel safe every step of the way.


When it comes to managing people’s finances, consistently reinforcing a level of confidence is imperative. Customers and prospects need to know exactly where to turn to clear any doubts they might have, or to attain answers to essential questions. They require easy, fast access to their representatives.

Live chat and email may seem to dominate, but phone communication still remains a popular option for immediate answers—especially because connecting with a human helps build trust. Finax knew this. The team also knew that to efficiently cover multiple markets, being accessible via local phone numbers that had a native speaker in each language responding to customers was an irreplaceable tool.

But for Finax, choosing a phone system came down to more than what the team felt they needed. As an online investment platform, the company was obligated to fulfill specific requirements from financial regulators —like storing call recordings of their customer interactions.

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Enter CloudTalk

Even though Finax began using CloudTalk in early 2019, the team really started to perceive its power during the Covid-19 outbreak—when Finax needed to move its operations into the cloud so that its business could work as it did before.

Finax initially chose CloudTalk thanks to our basic features, like Call Recording, API and International Numbers. That was all they needed at the time. But when the pandemic hit, CloudTalk’s main advantage became allowing Finax to set up a contact center and connect it with all of the existing tools within less than a few hours.

The key requirements for the phone software were clear:

  • International numbers: Finax needed software that would cover phone numbers from all countries in which the team operates.
  • Call Recording featureRecording all calls and storing these recordings in internal systems was legally required.
  • Integration with the external system: A feature that was crucial for syncing important data to ensure better personalization.
  • Call Flow setup: Leading incoming calls to various phone numbers/departments in a smart, fast way (IVR, voicemail, welcome message, call forwarding, etc.)

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In just 3 months, the Finax team has made 13,000+ inbound and outbound client calls using 10 international numbers, having spent 22,000+ minutes on inbound calls and 19,000+ minutes on outbound calls.

Working from home came with zero issues. The Finax team learned the ins and outs of CloudTalk’s user-friendly software quickly, and even the onboarding of new representatives was a breeze.

While it can sometimes prove tricky to ensure new teammates are communicating with customers in a way that’s aligned with your business values, our software helps “newbies” learn by sending them recordings from their more senior colleagues. Additionally, the Call Monitoring feature allows managers to jump into calls in real-time and, when needed, to “whisper” helpful tips or answers.

With CloudTalk, Finax has been able to provide its managers with pertinent data about top performers, the busiest lines, the most productive times, and the most important Call Groups. Add to that the Emotion Analytics—which checks callers’ moods—and Finax officially leaves nothing to chance.

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Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • API: Finax is using APIs to synchronize CloudTalk with their existing systems, thereby storing all necessary information. Furthermore, the team synchronizes CloudTalk with their customer data and experience platform (CDXP) to ensure a more personalized experience for their customers.
  • Call Flow Designer: This feature enables the team to easily create call flows for incoming calls for each number they have. The intuitive editor lets them add or remove various steps in the call flow; for instance, the caller first hears the welcome message, then is asked to choose from several departments after dialing either #1, #2 or #3 (thanks to IVR feature) and, if not successfully connected to a representative, a caller can leave a voicemail.
  • Voicemail: Since Finax runs its own podcast about finances and investment, the company wants to talk about issues their customers truly care about—which is why they decided to use one of their phone numbers in a special way: Once a caller calls this phone number, he/she reaches the voicemail and can leave a question for the podcast.
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Jan Tonka

Head of Front Office at Finax

Jan works as Head of Front Office at Finax, leading Robo-advisor platform in the CEE region. With his passion for behavioral economics and excellence Finax is able to provide automated online solutions without the loss of personal touch.

Finax team’s favorite features

  • Call TaggingDuring or following a call, the team can add various predefined labels, which improves the overall orientation in the call history as they can search based on labels.
  • Call Recording: Finax is legally required to have this feature, as it must record all the calls and store these recordings for a period of time. But ultimately, it’s also another great source of learning for new reps.
  • Call Forwarding: When the caller doesn’t manage to connect with reps from Finax, he/she is redirected to an external mobile phone number of this agent (for instance, VIP clients).

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Setting up a cloud phone system that is remote ready has never been easier. 


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