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Replacing Poliglota’s existing solution to improve outbound by 30%

Poliglota delivers immersive language course experiences to students worldwide and has chosen CloudTalk as the perfect solution to power its remote sales teams with exceptional connectivity and performance insights.

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Poliglota’s challenge was finding a business-calling solution that would allow them to adapt to market changes on the fly and better understand when and how their agents work.


Poliglota switched from Aircall to CloudTalk to take full control of their team scaling and access better agent performance insights to improve their outbound calling experience.


With CloudTalk’s Click-to-Call, excellent connection speeds, and call quality, Poliglota grew outbound success by 30%, agent productivity by 10%, and cut leads lost by 25% in just two months.

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How CloudTalk helped Poliglota withstand the economic crisis

In the business world, few things are as important as a company’s ability to quickly adapt to sudden market changes. Poliglota, a Chilean ed-tech startup delivering immersive language courses based on real-world situations, experienced this first-hand during 2022’s economic crisis.

To refocus its operations, Poliglota decided to momentarily downsize its sales team and reached out to its three providers to make the necessary arrangements. For two of them, the process went off without a hitch. But that was not the case for the company’s business-calling solution.

The calling system provider denied the team’s request and told them they’d have to finish their contract before making any changes. So, Poliglota was left with two choices. Continue paying for twice as many seats as they would use for the next six months, or go elsewhere.

Poliglota chose the latter, and CloudTalk gave the company the flexibility it needed. Now, it could take full control of its team’s scaling, adding or removing agents as necessary to keep up with market changes and stay in the green. 

Switching from Aircall to CloudTalk to increase agent productivity by 10%

Poliglota made the right call. Its experience with virtual business-calling software, combined with CloudTalk’s user-friendly interface, allowed the company to onboard its entire team within a single day and immediately get back to delivering an excellent customer experience. 

With CloudTalk’s reinforced infrastructure on its side, Poliglota cut through the noise and made its sales calls truly resonate with a more stable connection and better audio quality. As a result, the company experienced a 10% increase in agent productivity almost immediately.

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The transition to CloudTalk was super smooth. Actually, agent productivity grew by 10% just as a direct result of the switch. We thought our sales team couldn’t handle more than 15 daily leads, but this year, on some days, they took care of 30 and even won more deals.

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Franco Viale Leyva – Head of Commercial Peformance at Poliglota

Furthermore, thanks to our integration with HubSpot, Poliglota could now also quickly access all its automatic call recordings directly in their CRM. This gave the company an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate and improve its sales call performance.

Deciding to double down on its efforts and pursue even higher outbound efficiency, Poliglota assembled a sales enablement team, which began creating scripts and playbooks. But to use these resources to their advantage, the team first needed to understand how their agents worked.

Taking Poliglota’s outbound to the next level with CloudTalk Analytics

With the power of intelligence on its side, Poliglota could finally dive deeper into its sales team’s performance and identify the factors limiting its growth. What the system revealed across our many intelligent agent and call reports was not poor salesmanship but rather reactivity.

Poliglota’s setup with Aircall meant that the time from a potential customer filling in the online form, the system qualifying them as a lead, and the team actually calling them was around three hours. But by then, the opportunity was often gone already.

We provided a system that wouldn’t leave sales stuck on standby. Thanks to CloudTalk’s real-time 2-way sync between all its integrations, Poliglota now knows about every new lead as soon as they express interest. From there, all an agent needs to do is click and start calling.

We figured out that thanks to Click-to-Call and having all information synchronized between CloudTalk and HubSpot, we could call leads as soon as we signed them. Thanks to this, we reduced the rate of lost deals from 50% to around 25%.

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Franco Viale Leyva – Head of Commercial Peformance at Poliglota

And thanks to CloudTalk’s remote-friendly technology, Poliglota’s agents can comfortably react to customers’ needs across 160+ countries, anytime and anywhere, directly from their mobile phones while matching their number to the target’s local format.

The difference this change in reactivity made was immense. In only two months, Poliglota’s outbound success rate rose from 20% to 50%, while its rate of lost deals did the opposite and fell from 50% to 25%. And now that the team’s found its baseline, it’s set to break new records

As they say, it takes a village. Ultimately, CloudTalk gave Poliglota the speed and resilience to take their operations above and beyond. And the success of this cooperation only goes to show how far a bit of flexibility and proactive action can go.

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