Virtual Caller ID

Don’t let good customer experience go to waste! Generate caller IDs with specific local area codes or use numbers your customers and prospects are already familiar with.

Familiar faces.

Familiar Format

Increase response rates by generating a virtual outbound caller ID with a local area code.


Save money on small-scale international campaigns with virtual caller IDs.

Old Friend

Use numbers you already own in CloudTalk so your prospects can recognize you.

Turn your CloudTalk into a much larger and powerful tool

Expand your business toolstack with a business calling software that can be easily integrated into your existing CRMs, ecommerce or helpdesk tools, like Salesforce, Freshdesk, Help Scout, and dozens more.

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What is the Verified Caller ID?

Verified Caller ID is a unique VoIP feature that allows you to hide personal information from all parties in a call. A verified phone call lets you know when a call you’re receiving is actually from the number that appears on the caller ID and is not a spoofed call.

How does the Verified Caller ID work?

When a call is initiated, the call center system creates a “disposable” phone number for one or both callers that masks their real numbers. After the call ends, the “mask” is deleted and can be reused again in the future.

How do I verify caller ID?

#1 Contact our team at
#2 Request the feature.
#3 Attach your most recent proof of ownership.
#4 Give us a moment (10+ minutes) to set it all up.
#5 Voila! You’re ready to start using Verified Caller ID!

Is it legal to use Verified Caller ID?

Yes. As long as the masked numbers are not used to deceive or with other malicious intent, call masking is completely legal in most countries.

What are typical Verified Caller ID uses?

Call masking is an incredibly useful tool used in various industries. Some of the most important examples include E-commerce, Healthcare, Ride-sharing (e.g., Uber, Bolt, Lyft, and Grab), and Law.

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