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Keep your clients’ private information safe 24/7 with our Medical Call Center Software. Our modern calling software for hospitals is designed to protect your medical call center from potential cybersecurity threats.

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Keep client data safe

Protect clients’ and patients’ personal data. CloudTalk adheres to current strict security requirements. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that your calls and messages travel safely, so only the intended end-users receive them. We are also compliant with industry regulations like PCI-DSS and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

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Effectively manage calls

Manage each incoming call step by step. Our advanced IVR menus (part of Call Flow Designer) make calling a smoother experience. Provide better services and personalize callers’ journeys through intelligent call routing with pre-defined criteria, perfectly tailored to your unique preferences.

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Integrate your data

Save time with an integrated phone system for healthcare and focus primarily on attending to clients. Thanks to our 30+ popular integrations, all client data is always at your disposal, in a single, unified platform. Make your work easier with software like Zendesk and HubSpot, or connect your favorite 3rd party solutions via Zapier.

Reach Clients Globally

Offer the best care, wherever your clients may be. Choose from 160+ international numbers (the widest range on the market!) and make sure that clients from all across the globe reach you with ease. International numbers also drastically reduce costs related to international telephony by eliminating extremely high international calling fees.

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What is healthcare VoIP?

Healthcare VoIP is a phone service that is designed specifically for healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical facilities. VoIP technology allows for high-quality audio and video communication between staff members and patients, which can improve the quality of care that hospitals provide.

What is the best phone system for hospitals?

When it comes to hospitals, a reliable and efficient phone system is crucial. The best phone system for hospitals is one that can handle high call volumes and ensure clear communication between staff members and patients. VoIP phone systems, such as CloudTalk, provide features like call forwarding, call monitoring, and automatic timeframes that help hospitals manage their calls more effectively.

What phones are used in hospitals?

Hospitals typically use a range of phones, including traditional landlines, cordless phones, and VoIP phones. Traditional landlines are becoming less common due to their limitations, such as high costs and limited functionality. Cordless phones are more mobile than landlines but still have limited features. VoIP phones, on the other hand, offer advanced features like call routing and automatic timeframes, making them an ideal choice for hospitals.

What is the role of mobile devices in healthcare?

Mobile devices in healthcare refer to smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. They are used by healthcare providers to access patient information and communicate with colleagues. Mobile devices have become increasingly important, as they allow for greater flexibility and mobility for healthcare professionals.

What industry regulations to seek in a VoIP healthcare calling solution?

If you are on the hunt for a VoIP calling solution for the healthcare industry, search for a PCI-DSS-compliant phone system like CloudTalk. Ideally, your solution should also be ISO 27001:2013 certified and follow GDPR regulations.


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