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Not a bank, but more. All-in-one financial solution for SMEs, freelancers, and companies under registration.


FINOM is a financial platform that offers innovative, effective, and easy-to-use tools.

It is a fintech company that blends together finance management, invoicing and banking into a single, all-in-one product. Its mission is to alleviate traditional pain points of SMEs and the self-employed and to prove that modern-day business management does not have to be difficult.

Since 2019, FINOM has worked with European professionals and SMEs to increase business and make life better for its customers. Currently, FINOM offers its services in Europe in countries such as Germany, France, and Italy with the ambition to grow around the world.


Fintech startups have a real opportunity to transform how customers engage with the global economy, but the stakes are high. Customers need to feel they can depend on your app (and in a broader sense, your entire team) to provide a good experience, keep their money secure, and help them achieve their desired results. This is where customer service, and online customer experiences more generally, play an important role. 

FINOM’s team started by analyzing the biggest pain points of their own customer support team. Looking at the log of their outbound calls, they discovered that they were missing one of the most important assets of all: a flexible VoIP solution. They understood that making manual calls is cumbersome and impractical, and that they needed to have a more modern approach to business communication. 

As soon as the company expanded to other countries, it needed to overcome another obstacle: managing multiple agents operating from different locations at the same time. The inability to integrate with various marketing tools and make calls from a single source made everything difficult. Integrating enables a holistic view of customers and data, and their team was lacking both. Customer experience was vague and internal workflow unsteady.

Besides that, it is not enough to make a call. The data and analytics — that is where the key to success lies.  They wanted to track how clients were moving through the funnel, what they were doing after calls, how much time they needed to take some kind of action after the phone conversation and, in the end, whether the call flow was gainful or not. 

Enter CloudTalk

If you want to create a trusting relationship where your customers feel confident working with you, top-notch customer service is a must — especially when it comes to managing their money. As a fast-growing company, the FINOM team realized they had to deliver the best customer support from the very beginning of client interactions. There is no place for mistakes when you want to assure your clients about your reliability.  

However, without the right tools, it’s impossible to avoid mistakes and breakdowns in communication. This realization led FINOM to start the search for an all-in-one solution that could meet all their criteria and help them to achieve everything mentioned above. 

The key requirements for the new call center software:

  • Ability to integrate with marketing tools: Once you integrate your business systems with CloudTalk, all available data and information are automatically and regularly synchronized through our API. With this feature, your employees will always have access to up-to-date information in all your systems used in customer interactions.
  • Tools to make calls and gather the result from campaigns: CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. If you need more than our standard CloudTalk statistics, use filters to view data as you see fit. This will generate reports that are relevant to your business. With CloudTalk everything is a piece of cake. 
  • Multilanguage usage of a phone provider: Multi-language apps help build better relationships between organizations and their customers. Language connects people, so whenever users see their native language, a common ground is immediately established. As phone software CloudTalk is used by customers all over the world, CloudTalk Phone App is available in many different languages. 


With CloudTalk, FINOM managed to spare their employees a huge amount of manual labor and make their campaigns centralized and efficient from their team leaders’ perspective. Now they can easily start the campaign with one click — no need to spend extra time gathering info in advance and doing a lot of tedious, preliminary work.

As an innovative company, they were seeking a fast and easy-to-use solution that would help them avoid needless human errors. They found the IVR system, campaigns, and the ability to integrate via API very useful.

With CloudTalk’s integrations, they were able to radically improve their efficiency: the time it took agents to prepare for their next call dropped from 60 to 7 seconds. That really matters when you are making more than 1000 calls per month.

Moreover, they can easily track whether the call was successful or not: the ability to track the user path allows them to make more precise assumptions about their product and its development.

Currently, FINOM spends over 17, 300  minutes per quarter on the phone using 4 international numbers. 

Results in the last 3 months


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Phone numbers

Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • API: Having the possibility to integrate FINOM’s external systems with the new VoIP system was an extremely important feature for them. CloudTalk API enables the import and export of contacts, as well as regular downloads of phone call history. In addition, all available data and information are automatically and regularly synchronized. See for yourself the benefits of this feature. CloudTalk’s API proved to be one of its best features, which helps FINOM be more organized and productive.
  • IVR: Improve the quality of services provided by your agents. How? It has never been easier. With the premium IVR feature, you can guide the caller through different options, making sure they are always directed to the right department, agent, or group of agents. FINOM understood the value that this simple tool can bring to their company. They are able to set up IVR based on specific needs and enhance customer support management, improve lead conversion, keep customers, save time and gain profit.
  • Campaigns: With CloudTalk’s Campaigns feature, FINOM telemarketing campaigns are more comprehensive, smoother, and – above all – more efficient. Monitoring campaigns in real-time and making necessary adjustments improve the quality of the connections FINOM makes with its customers.
  • Call Statistics: Identify gaps in team efficiency and reduce costs. With this advanced feature, you can also leverage statistical data to identify the most optimal times to reach out to clients, the busiest periods with the highest call volumes, the average speed to answer time and more.. CloudTalk displays real-time statistics and historical metrics from the day you open your CloudTalk account. Remember: data really powers everything that you do.
  • Easy Installation and Use: The main benefit of switching from a traditional landline to VoIP software is not having to constantly manage equipment or update hardware due to obsolescence. Time is money, and call centers are no different in this matter.
  • International phone numbers: FINOM works with European professionals and SMEs to increase business and improve efficiency. The need to acquire international numbers came with expanding its services to France, Germany, and Italy. Speaking of going global, with CloudTalk you can acquire phone numbers from more than 180+ countries. 

Thomas Finan

Head of Customer Service at FINOM

Thomas has managed customer service teams in a variety of businesses for 10+ years, including fintech and travel. He has extensive experience working with entrepreneurs.

“It is very important to find a perfect match between clients’ and employees’ needs and we are glad to share this journey with CloudTalk..”

FINOM team’s favorite features

  • Call Flow Designer: Manage all inbound calls coming to the call center step by step. Have full control over the call coming into a specific phone number. With this solution, no call will remain unanswered. When creating your call flow, you can insert steps like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), time-router, business hours, welcome message, and many more. Ensure that callers are attended to even when agents are busy or unavailable. 
  • Emotion Analytics: Having issues with bad reviews? Improve your overall customer experience in no time. CloudTalk helps you to focus on worldwide metrics and statistics with the Emotion Analytics feature.  It is an effective tool for supervisors to give relevant feedback and make new suggestions for teamwork and working conditions. It can help them a lot in terms of coaching and one-on-one meetings with agents.
  • Power Dialer: Thanks to the Power Dialer feature, the FINOM team has increased efficiency and the number of calls they have made. They can effortlessly create campaigns with call scripts and surveys and let their agents focus on prospects.
  • Extensions: Each user, agent, caller queue or department has its own personalized number or extension. Extensions allow you to reach anyone in your company or seamlessly route a call to a different agent. The simple and intuitive CloudTalk interface allows you to provide each agent with a 4-digit extension that is easy to remember. Agent-to-agent calling has never been so quick and easy. FINOM uses this feature to improve communication across teams in all of the countries in which they operate.  
  • Call Tagging: CloudTalk allows you to assign several tags to each individual call your agents make. FINOM uses more than 40+ self-made tags. Thanks to this feature, they have a better and easier-to-understand organizational system for all incoming and outgoing calls. They can filter all of their call tags, which allows them to search through their call history based on a chosen label.  

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

Setting up a cloud phone system that is remote ready has never been easier. 


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