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Switch from Line2 to a smarter option. CloudTalk’s features are a budget-friendly choice also for small teams and freelancers, as well as businesses of any size

High quality calls thanks to globally distributed server infrastructure

Smooth international calls with 140+ international numbers

The callback feature that makes sure you answer every call

IVR with custom greetings and music on hold

Remote work apps

2,500+ call centers and phone systems powered by CloudTalk and counting

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CloudTalk vs. Line2

Free Trial
14 days trial with dedicated customer support.
Free trial not available, offers 30 days money back.
Membership 20$ per user/per month with unlimited users, international numbers, and more features. 14,99$ /month, with some basic features like call forwarding.
International numbers
CloudTalk offers you international numbers from over 140 countries. Expand globally and reduce the amount of unanswered calls.
Line2 does not offer international numbers, which might cause complications when calling outside the US.
CRM Make your conversations more productive with our CRM integrations. Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, or Pipedrive. Line2 integrates only with Zapier and Pipedrive from all the integrations available on market.
Multiple agents in one call
The 3-way calling feature allows you to add a third person to add a third person to an ongoing call when needed.
Do not allow multiple people to participate in a call at the same time.
Call Conferencing
Improve your teamwork with audio or video conferencing calls. Allows inviting internal and external contacts.
Do not allow video conference calls.
Missed calls
CloudTalk system automatically redials the number until connected with the right agent. Smart detection tracks whether missed calls were or were not answered.
All missed calls go immediately to Line2 voicemail.
Complete all follow-up tasks right after your call ends. Take notes, add tags and evaluate your call with the ACW feature.
Line2 offers basic call administration, using the admin portal.
Analytics and reporting
CloudTalk offers you advanced analytics and monitoring features. Call monitoring, real-time dashboard, agent reporting, emotional analytics, and custom reporting.
Basic reporting consists of call usage by phone number, extension, or user. The only available customization is according to the date range.

Comparison data is based on an analysis from Q4, 2021.

4 highlights
that will boost your business

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cloudtalk phone dashboard

Smooth calling makes excellence

Deliver the best customer service with crystal-clear calls. With our telco network, your calls are secured with strong connections all over the globe. No call delays, no dropped calls, no sudden interruptions.

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Boost your teamwork with our collaboration features

We want your team to work smoothly and effectively. Add a third person to the call when needed, record your call and finish all the necessary after-call work within a few clicks. Need to discuss something with your teammates? Set the audio or video conference call when working remotely.

Agent working remotely

Keep track of your team’s productivity

CloudTalk is designed to serve its users. Find every information about ongoing calls, agent status, and the number of callers waiting in a user-friendly interface. The real-time dashboard feature always keeps up-to-date and helps you to make key decisions in real-time.

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Be amazed by what you can do with over 40+ integration

Numbers in dialers

Calling outside the US?

The skills-based routing and preferred agent feature help you deliver the best customer experience and simplify workflow. Let the automation select inbound calls and route them to the most qualified agent available. Set the preferred agent for each client and provide them with more pleasant support.

The simpler is your workflow, the more productive you become

Skip the unnecessary steps that make you lose precious time. Help your callers to solve their issues with the IVR feature, add automatic call routing and shorten the waiting time, or synchronize customer data with one of our tool integration.

  • Add notes to call
  • Sort calls into custom categories
  • Use custom fields and add relevant client information
  • Create more complex call scenarios with the call-flow designer
  • Don’t miss any call with smart detection of resolved calls
real time customer card

Smooth after call evaluation with no time pressure

Staying organized might be hard if you have a small team and a lot going on at your call center. Give your agents a little more time to process and evaluate the call when it ends. The after-work feature allows you to pick several predefined amounts of time within which the agent won’t be available to accept the next call.

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