The Psychology Of Selling: 15+ Psychological Principles On How To Improve Your Sales

Human brain is a mystery not exclusively reserved for science or medicine. If you take a peek into sales psychology, you will be able to read your customers like an open book. How they make their purchase decisions, how they think about your brand or how they react to certain stimuli. Even seemingly insignificant choices – like a brand color or number of product variations you are offering – have a huge impact on your sales. 

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Read about the importance of psychology for sales. Dive deep into 16 proven strategies to turn more leads into paying customers.

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Find out why being imperfect can actually be a perfect sales strategy. Learn how to turn a failure into success and get profit instead of losing it.

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Are you curious how you can make people truly curious about your product? Discover why a bit of secrecy actually attracts customers and how to use it in your business strategy.


“I know that using psychology in sales can be considered a tricky business. But learning how leads think and what they want is a necessity. In the end, they are the core of each business. A better understanding of human behavior helped me tremendously. Reading this eBook was thought provoking. It gave me many useful tips on how to approach people and lead them towards our company goals. I implemented some of them into my daily sales operations and I have to say, looking behind the curtain of the human mind makes my work much easier. Trust me, focusing less on digits and more on people’s desires will make your sales rise.”

Joseph Laghari

“There’s one truth about sales nowadays that many businesses didn’t realize yet. Knowing the basic data of your target audience isn’t enough. Mainly not today, when we are surrounded by countless choices. Companies cannot scale when they don’t know how their customers think. They need to build sales processes based on human behavior. This eBook highlights exactly that. It brought up several points that made me think. I always liked to question my sales practices and discover new strategies to improve them. Psychology for sales is one of them. It’s an entire science worth discovering and the eBook offers a comprehensive introduction into it.”

Myia Adaway