Call, converse, commerce.

Quickly create unique ecommerce experiences for B2B and B2C while maintaining a direct line to your customers.

CloudTalk’s integration with Adobe Commerce lets you…

Store In Seconds

Instead of worrying about IT, create new ecommerce stores in seconds and focus on growing your business.

All In One

Manage multiple brands from a single software platform to simplify diversification and entering new markets.

Omnichannel AI

Maximize conversions by generating relevant content and promotions for B2B and B2C across all channels.

Integrate Adobe Commerce with ease

Always ready

Know who’s on the line before you pick up the phone. CloudTalk provides your agent with that prospect’s existing orders directly in CloudTalk’s phone apps.

From start to finish

Get a complete overview of your customers’ journey, even when multiple agents are working different orders, and add notes to orders so your team stays in sync.

Call with a click

Leverage CloudTalk’s Click-to-Call capability to save time dialing and allowing agents to initiate calls immediately directly from Adobe Commerce or any web page.


What is the Adobe Commerce integration for Cloudtalk, and how do you use it?

Adobe Commerce is a platform designed to help ecommerce sites connect with their customers and sell their products more efficiently. Adobe Commerce lets users create online stores easily in as little as 15 minutes and gives them access to hundreds of unique features.

How does the Adobe Commerce Integration work with Cloudtalk?

By combining CloudTalk with Adobe Commerce, you can always access the most up-to-date data, even during a call. The Real-time Customer Card can instantly pull up information about the customer’s profile, including a complete history of communications and detailed order data, before an agent ever picks up the phone. The order data includes order IDstatuslist of itemsshipping methodbilling and delivery addresspayment status, and more.

How does the Adobe Commerce + CloudTalk integration help my business?

There are several ways that the Adobe Commerce + CloudTalk integration can help your business. The top 3 include:
–  Access CloudTalk recordings, notes, tags, and detailed order data in Adobe
Commerce and vice versa with the real-time customer card.
– Initiate calls with a single click with CloudTalk’s click-to-call feature in any
platform or any site and boost your performance.
– Automatically sync databases across platforms to ensure you never have to
switch between CloudTalk and Adobe Commerce to look for data again.
– Speed up the process of answering customer questions regarding their order
status. This keeps not only the clients happy, but your agents too! 
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CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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