Work Flexibly From Any Platform With Kommo CRM Integration

Enhance your customer experience with the power of omnichannel messaging.

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Improve lead management with advanced AI-powered chatbots.

Streamline communication through automated call and email sequencing.

Monitor sales performance with customizable dashboards and reports.

Seamlessly integrate with other platforms for smooth data transfer and easy access.

What Can the Kommo Integration Do For You?

Sync data without effort

Easily synchronize data between Kommo CRM and CloudTalk, get real-time updates on your business, and track your customer interactions.

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Capture lead information

Learn more about leads with optimized web forms, landing pages, and AI-powered chatbots, and share it with the sales team.


Automated SMS Follow-ups

Work more efficiently, save time with automatic SMS text messages and stay on top of your lead follow-ups.

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Seamless Lead Management

Ensure a smooth customer acquisition process between your sales and marketing team – from lead generation and nurturing – to closing new deals.

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Kommo + CloudTalk

Let your salespeople fully focus on clients.  

Instantly connect Kommo with CloudTalk using Zapier and avoid manual data entry. Thanks to seamless synchronization between the two systems, your reps spend less time in a CRM and more time making calls. Furthermore, with CloudTalk’s click-to-call extension, they can make outbound calls directly from Kommo in a single click. 

You can also add your contacts to a smart dialer queue, which allows you to automatically dial all of your leads’ numbers.

Setting up CloudTalk + Kommo CRM Integration

You can integrate Kommo with CloudTalk in under 3 minutes via Zapier. Access the Zapier integration here and make the integration up and running in no time.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

“CloudTalk is a great platform to use for making calls and automatically recording them. Cloud talk also integrates with CRM systems, which makes my work all that bit easier.”

Sam S., Sales Dev. Rep., G2


What is Kommo, and how do I use it?

Kommo is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. You can use Kommo to manage contacts, track leads, analyze sales performance, and automate various tasks.

How does the Kommo + CloudTalk integration work?

The Kommo + CloudTalk integration seamlessly synchronizes data between the two systems, allowing you to access important client information – including call recordings – from Kommo. You can also easily initiate calls directly from Kommo via CloudTalk’s click-to-call feature. Furthermore, all information on deals, calls, SMS, and contacts, automatically sync with their respective notes, tags, and recordings.

What are the benefits of using Kommo for my business?

Integrating Kommo with CloudTalk lets you  improve efficiency and streamline your sales and customer support processes. The integration empowers you to create web forms and landing pages, automate SMS follow-ups, and track and evaluate performance with customizable analytics. With Kommo, you can ensure better collaboration between your sales and customer support teams, leading to improved customer experiences.

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