Kommo CRM Integration

Integrate Kommo CRM with CloudTalk by using Zapier and avoid manual data entry. Let your sales team focus on what they do best and let Zapier automate the rest.

Kommo CRM overview

Kommo CRM is an easy-to-use sales solution that saves users both time and money through the power of multi-channel communication. 

Whether it is through email, chat messaging or phone, Kommo CRM lets you connect with your customers and leads in just one click. The platform unifies all of your interactions in a centralized feed that is easily accessible.

Thanks to CloudTalk’s click-to-call extension, you will be able to make outbound calls directly from Kommo CRM. 

As sales teams spend most of their time in CRMs, the integration with CloudTalk helps them save valuable time and resources on making those calls.

At the same time, you will be able to add your contacts to a smart dialer queue, which will allow for the automatic dialing of all of your leads.

Why integrate Kommo CRM with CloudTalk

The integration between Kommo CRM and CloudTalk will synchronize data between the two systems. 

In this way, you can stay on top of your communication and know when a lead was called — and see who is calling thanks to the two-way data sync.

The integration also empowers you to create web forms and landing pages that capture lead information and send it to your sales team.

By integrating Kommo CRM with CloudTalk, you can also automatically send SMS when following up on a potential lead. 

Also, you can create and research new leads as your sales team is making the calls with CloudTalk.

How to setup Kommo CRM with CloudTalk

The integration works via Zapier and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Access the Zapier integration here and connect Kommo CRM with CloudTalk today.

With the two-way data sync, every call, contact, recording, or note is synchronized in real-time.

With CloudTalk’s Click-to-call feature, you can effortlessly initiate calls in your Kommo CRM interface with just a click. 

Additionally, by using CloudTalk’s Caller ID feature you can see information and details on incoming calls.