6. March 2019 Blog

6 Practices to Boost E-commerce Customer Satisfaction

E-commerce Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring a high level of online customer satisfaction is extremely important for long-term business success. Major e-commerce companies have been spending lots of time, money and energy to make sure that clients are happy about their products and services.

Research shows that companies with higher levels of customer satisfaction have higher profits, because satisfied customers spend more money and come back regularly. In the online shopping world, customer satisfaction does not end with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. Shoppers want a speedy checkout process, simple payment solutions and excellent customer support.

Here are six elements you need to consider if you want to boost satisfaction of your online customers.

1. Accuracy of products

Receiving the right product is one of the most important factors for customer satisfaction. If a customer orders red socks with white dots in size 4, they will certainly not be happy to receive blue socks with yellow hearts in size 3. It is very important to run checks and reduce risks of potential errors.

2. On-time delivery

Many shoppers decide to switch to competitors because of the expected delivery date. You should always do your best to inform customers when to expect the goods and of course, speed is always crucial and that's why many ecommerce store owners use last mile delivery. If shoppers receive their order when expected, it will boost their loyalty and they will be more likely to shop from you again.

3. Free shipping

E-commerce operators have been increasingly opting for free shipping for orders over a specific value. According to a survey, 65% of respondents have recommended a retailer due to free or discounted shipping.

4. Provide as much information as you can

When browsing through your e-shop, visitors should find answers to all important questions without much effort. How much does the product cost? Is it in stock? What are the available sizes or colors? If customers find what they are looking for on your website, they don’t need to contact your customer support.

5. Provide excellent customer support

Many e-shoppers still prefer human contact when they need advice or to solve an issue. You should be able to provide them with outstanding customer support and respond to their queries  as soon as possible. If you feel like operating a call center is too overwhelming, try a user-friendly call center software that will help you boost customer satisfaction.

6. Develop a multi-channel strategy

If you want to provide outstanding customer service, you shouldn’t rely on a single channel. Are your customers on Facebook, do they prefer to communicate via email or phone calls? Make it happen for them. Make sure that your clients know that you are accessible and easy to reach.

The competition is intense and if consumers aren’t satisfied, it will not take them much time to click another e-shop. If you want to boost your e-commerce business, it is important that you gain customer’s trust by providing them with an excellent experience. In this post, we have covered several ways to maximize your business. Now it’s up to you to start implementing them :)