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e-commerce contact center

4 Benefits of E-commerce Contact Center to Consumers

Struggling to take care of all your e-commerce business’ customers? Then an e-commerce contact center may be a huge help. […]

building a strong e-commerce support team

6 steps to build e-commerce technical support team

During busy periods of time such as Black Friday or Christmas season strong support team may appear very precious. Do […]

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7 ways to improve e-commerce support

Customer support is one of the crucial factors when it comes to choosing an online store. Find out how to […]

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What do e-commerce customers really want? Part II

In our previous article, we looked at what customers look for when they shop online. Apart from a wide selection […]

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What Do E-commerce Customers Really Want? Part 1

There’s no doubt that online shopping is quick and convenient. Why should you spend two hours in a traditional shop […]

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6 customer retention strategies

Let’s start with a little math: if you want to quantify how good you are at keeping your existing clients, […]

Benefits of ecommerce

Benefits of E-commerce For Customers and Businesses

E-commerce has been around for a long time. It started with Phil Brandenberger, a man who purchased the first online […]


Christmas is coming! Is your e-shop ready?

Online shopping has seen a significant boom in recent years. It is easy and comfortable. Therefore, e-shops have been stepping […]

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Increase your e-commerce sales with our call center solution

Boost your sales and customer loyalty by creating unique customer experience with our call center solution for e-commerce. We know […]