Increase your e-commerce sales with our call center solution
By Quinn Malloy
| 2. July 2018 |
Ecommerce, Call Center
By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
| 2 Jul 2018 |
Ecommerce, Call Center
    By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
    | 2 Jul 2018
    Ecommerce, Call Center

    Increase your e-commerce sales with our call center solution

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    Boost your sales and customer loyalty by creating unique customer experience with our call center solution for e-commerce.

    We know that e-commerce is a strong competitive market where customers can compare products of several companies in just a few minutes. Most businesses rely on selling the best products at the lowest prices, but they tend to forget one of the most important factors decisive for the purchase decision – high-quality customer support.

    If you are an e-commerce operator, focus on improving your customer service, because if you don’t meet customers’ expectations, they will not purchase your products or services and you will lose potential customers. Integrate your e-commerce with a call center solution and provide your call center agents with all its features to truly provide the customer support your clients expect and consequently increase sales. 

    All you need to start using our call center solution is an Internet browser. You and your agents will love our simple and intuitive user interface.

    Read below some of the benefits of CloudTalk – a call center solution.

    12 features to look for in a Call center software

    Get all the benefits to increase revenue and sales

    To allow your agents to provide better customer care, they need the right features included in a call center solution. Thanks to these features, the customer does not change his mind and contacts your customer center because your agents can provide them with high-quality customer care, and thus motivate them to make another purchase.

    Automated Call Distribution, Caller Queues, Contact Tags – these are just some of the features that will make sure that each caller is routed to the right department or a specific agent best equipped to solve the client’s problem.

    Agents need to see all available caller information. With our call center solution, the agent can view past interactions with client (calls, chats, orders, invoices, tickets, notes) or past purchases and even the exact products which the customer placed in their shopping basket but eventually did not buy.

    All this information helps your agents get a better overview of what products or services are the most appropriate for a particular customer, so they can focus on up-selling or cross-selling and increase your revenue.

    Call center history

    Never lose a potential client again

    By integrating your e-commerce with CloudTalk, you will never miss another chance. When an e-commerce customer fills in a contact form because he needs assistance or is interested in your products, it is important that you respond as soon as possible. Your agents can create a new contact in CloudTalk with all necessary details filled in by the client in the contact form and call him to ask specific questions.

    Increase your sales by allowing agents to call your clients back immediately. CloudTalk can gather information on potential clients (for example from unrealized purchases), so your agents can contact a potential client and help him decide what products to buy. 

    All up-to-date customer information in one place

    CloudTalk allows you to store all up-to-date customer information in one place. Integrate it with your e-commerce platform or any other business tool of your choice. 

    When agents don’t have to waste time looking up information in several systems, they have more time to focus on your clients’ needs. In addition, when an agent updates customer information in one platform, changes are immediately transferred to all other tools which are integrated with CloudTalk. Updated customer information is at the disposal of all team members. This means that the client does not have to repeat his issue or request. CloudTalk was designed to improve communication and cooperation between agents, teams and managers.

    Personalized approach to each customer thanks to a call center solution

    Clients love personalized approach. Communication with kind and helpful agents willing to assist with the client’s problem is a key component of good customer experience. If your agents have relevant information, such as contact details, past history of interactions, past purchases or even unfinished orders, your clients will not leave and choose your e-shop over other e-shops.

    And why is that? Because they will feel special and unique.

    Based on all customer information available in CloudTalk, your agents can adjust their approach to each customer. This will make your clients’ customer experience unique.

    However, to make the personalized approach as complex as possible, it is important that the call is routed to the right agent. By adding specific skills to a particular agent, such as “Fluent in Spanish”, all calls from Spain will be directed to the right agent.

    By using the Preferred Agent feature, all calls made by a particular client will automatically go to the selected agent, which will make your customer support more personalized, efficient and pleasant. 

    Prime time with CloudTalk? No worries!

    Are you considering launching seasonal sales or special offers for your e-commerce customers? Do you need to add more agents to your call center for peak hours?

    You don’t necessarily have to hire new staff. You can add agents from other departments to your team to help out with incoming calls during prime time or seasonal offers. You can also connect agents who work flexible hours, regardless of their place of work, even if they work from home. You can have them ready for back-up to help you handle more calls.

    In addition, it is very important that queuing times are as short as possible also during peak hours. Making the customer wait for too long is a perfect way to lose them. Leverage the Callback feature and avoid excessive waiting times by allowing your agents to call customers back. Another option is to set personalized music or interactive announcement informing the customer on current waiting time.

    With CloudTalk, long waiting times are over.

    Improve your agent performance

    Call center solution offers the Call Recording feature which allows you to monitor your agents and use collected data to improve the quality of your customer service. The manager can invite another agent to the call (without the customer knowing about it) and train the agent how to upsell or cross-sell in the right way.