19. November 2018 Blog

How to improve customer experience

How to improve customer experience

If you are struggling to improve your customer experience (CX), it all might seem complicated to understand at first. That is why these 10 simple pieces of advice will make it clear and easy for you.

CX is a crucial part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – the customer with the best experience is more likely to return to your business and become a loyal customer. Do not hesitate to take all the steps necessary so that users want to come back and make another purchase. If you are not sure what exactly is there to improve, here is what you should do.

1. Be more personal in emails

Nobody likes messages that just scream "auto-generated". If you want to stand out as a company, you have to make customers feel special. This is one of the secrets of the big players – everyone has to know that he or she is a part of something extraordinary. Try to put more effort into delivering personalized emails to your customers. Address them by name. Remember their birthday and send a special message on that day. They should know that you care about them personally. 

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2. Provide high-quality customer support

This is another part of trying to make the customer feel special. If there is anything to take care of, the support team must be always ready and willing to help. 
But it is not just about being there. If you want a customer to remember you positively, you need to have a positive attitude yourself.

  • „Do you want a return? No problem.“
  • „Did you get charged by accident? Sure, we will give the money back.“
  • „Is there any issue with our service? We will take care of it right away!“

3. Use customer feedback for improvement

Customer support team should know what customers want – and that is why the pieces of info they can collect over time can be essential for the company to keep constantly improving.
Of course that does not mean that all customer suggestions should be implemented. There is a fine line between trying to take feedback into account and blindly following everything the users want. Your intuition should tell you what is right and what is wrong. But it is important – to make them feel special – to respond to every feedback in a thoughtful way and explain if it is a good or bad idea and why. Of course, without trying to hurt anyone’s feelings.
If you take all the right feedback and improve your product accordingly, people will surely know that you are the next big thing.

4. Develop personalized content

A crucial part of making the user feel special. He comes to your website for the second time and he already sees the things he previously checked out. You can slowly create a really familiar place for the user – the more he visits your website, the more personal it can get. He will feel "at home" within your environment and that equals a loyal customer that keeps coming back.

5. Make your contact details clearly visible

This is often the first thing a customer needs to know: your contact details. And it is very embarrassing for you if he just cannot find them on the website – that means you have lost a customer. You would not believe how many companies are still not finding this important.
Be one step ahead. The customer should see all ways of contacting you right when your first landing page is loaded. Everything should be there – address, email, social media, live chat...

6. Optimize the design of your website and identity

In general, your website should be the easiest to navigate through, mainly for your target group. Also, it should be easy to recognize.
The customer experience (CX) goes hand in hand with user experience (UX). To invest in quality design talent is a must at this point. A UX expert will point out every little detail on the website that needs to be fixed. 
A good designer can also help you with your identity. You need to have a consistent theme for your brand that you will use in all channels. Choose a good color scheme to stand out and be yourself among the plethora of other websites and products.

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7. Make your call center more efficient

Although online rules the world, there is still plenty of people that prefer to call for help and support. That is why your call center needs to be in the forefront of attention. With the help of analytics, you can segment your customers into groups and therefore make them connect with the right person more easily. That means a problem is solved more quickly and in the end, the customer is more than satisfied with your service.

8. Emphasize mobile customer support

Mobile users are slowly outgrowing desktop users – they are the majority now. A mobile-optimized website is a must in this state of technology. If it is convenient for your services, an app might help, too. Do not forget that customer support as a whole should be easy to use for all mobile users. It is worth spending some time on that, since the number of mobile users is constantly growing. Not to mention the ease of just picking up the phone and solving a problem immediately – that also makes customers return to you.

9. Have a Live Chat feature

This is the ultimate and the easiest solution for customers and it is widely preferred mainly by younger demographics. The live chat feature on your website will make users come back for a quick and easy solution to their problems so that they may proceed with their busy lives sooner. But it is not just about having it, the live chat should be a high-quality one. Hire a qualified person, someone who responds promptly and knows your product from A to Z.

10. Enhance the experience

To prolong the satisfaction of a customer, you need something special, something that adds value to your product. Think of your company as a whole and pick something from your niche that no one has done before. Maybe center a marketing campaign around something extraordinary that people have not noticed until now. The main goal here is to be creative and stand out from the rest. That will make them remember you.

All in all, a customer keeps coming back when he feels special.

When he feels that you care about him. When he knows that there are many types of technology nowadays and you have conquered them all. Just to make him satisfied. That makes a great customer experience.