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Powering boat rentals in more than 70 countries around the globe, Boataround has become the global leader in yacht booking.


If you wanted to rent a yacht a few years ago, you didn’t have too many choices. You had to visit offline dealers and browse through their lengthy catalogs of photos only to be left scratching your head as to which boat would be the best choice for your holiday. The amount of time required to complete the rental process often left people frustrated and, in the end, disappointed. Boataround came to the scene with a fresh, dare we say revolutionary idea: renting a boat should be as simple as booking a hotel room. 

In 2016, BoatAround fundamentally changed the rules of the yacht rental game. From a small startup focused on the European market, they soon expanded to serve customers across the globe. Today, they are the world leader, providing easy and safe yacht reservations anywhere in the world — everything from small motor boats to large luxurious yachts. All because they filled the demand for a flexible and affordable solution.


If you want to succeed in this industry, spotless customer service is a number one priority. It’s crucial that call center agents perform at their best because they represent the single strongest connection you have to your customers. Boataround understood that their employees are their most important asset, and that their productivity is a lot more than just numbers on the dashboard or charts in a report.

At one point, its customer base started to grow really fast — and so did the demand for excellent customer support.  The biggest challenge was to connect with customers all over the world. With their previous provider, they had to use a single phone number.  Operators often failed to connect with customers because people didn’t want to answer calls from an unknown, foreign phone number. Because of this, they had to contact customers repeatedly or send them emails, which caused delays and reduced their efficiency. Moreover, people tended to complain about poor sound quality. It became painfully apparent that they needed to begin the search for a new contact center software. One that would meet the needs of their ever-growing business. 

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Enter CloudTalk

The Boataround team has been full of ambition since the very beginning. They wanted to grow, not just in terms of the number of clients and customers they served, but also by the number of employees they could hire and the level of customer service they could provide. They simply wanted to become the best they could be in every aspect of their business. 

It didn’t take long for them to realize that you can’t become the best in the industry without the right tools. It’s not just about booking a boat. Customers need to communicate throughout the entire rental process — from booking a boat to fixing potential issues that may arise on the open water. 

Boataround staff needed to be available to their customers 24/7 in order to accommodate all of their needs. They had to find a single software that would help them cover all aspects of communications with their clients, be it phone calls, sending SMS messages, or resolving issues via email. 

The question was posed: How can we automate all of these processes across different teams and timezones to cover all the necessary requirements?

The key requirements for their new call center software were clear:

  • High quality and stability of calls all around the world: Instead of relying on a single partner, CloudTalk has built strong relationships with telco partners all across the world. This helps us secure better calling routes and offer stronger connections to our customers. In addition, CloudTalk itself is a registered operator in multiple countries, which helps us manage multiple aspects of phone call quality. Boataround currently operates in more than 70 countries, from Greenland to New Zealand. Thanks to CloudTalk, Boataround bid farewell to high latency and jitter.
  • User-friendly interface: Having a user-friendly interface is a must. CloudTalk’s interface is clear, aimed at maximum user convenience and the provision of a perfect user experience. It is accessible from all kinds of devices. Web interface automatically adjusts to your device’s resolution – be it a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. Everything is easily set up in a few minutes.
  • International numbers availability: Boataround operates in several countries and needs to have its own phone number for each country as a means of maintaining a local presence. CloudTalk allows them to reach out to their clients from familiar numbers and avoid unanswered calls. It’s also a cheaper option for receiving international calls. With CloudTalk’s international numbers feature, they can acquire phone numbers from more than 140 countries around the world.  


When looking around for a new business phone solution, the team at Boataround decided to give CloudTalk a try.  At first, they were hesitant about taking a leap into the unknown — murky waters, if you will. But CloudTalk took them by surprise. It met all of their  needs and has been doing so ever since. 

Three years ago, before they started using CloudTalk, Boataround  barely got 7,000 calls per year. Today, it’s almost 120,000. Currently, Boataround spends over 100,000 minutes per quarter on the phone using 35 international numbers. 

Boataround was verifying the quality of CloudTalk during its implementation in three steps: verification of call quality was followed by verification of call routing features alongside testing the ease of everyday use. The last step was adding agents and setting up skill-based routing. Having been successful in all aspects, CloudTalk has become a daily part of their workflow, helping them to provide better customer service than ever before.

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Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • Skills-based routing: With CloudTalk’s simple and intuitive interface, configuring your skills-based routing will take only a few minutes. Once setup is complete, you can start using all of our benefits to boost your customer satisfaction. A German customer is calling? CloudTalk directs them to a German-speaking operator. That’s because with CloudTalk, Boataround can route calls based on specific skills. Besides, their operators immediately see who is on the line. They can easily click through the customer’s history if they so choose. 
  • Business hours: CloudTalk’s interface allows clients to set business hours for each phone of their numbers individually, or to use the same timeframe for their whole team. BoatAround doesn’t operate every day, but their customers contact them 24/7. That is why they decided to set business hours for each phone number. If clients contact them when they aren’t available, CloudTalk switches to voicemail with a personalized greeting. The customer’s voicemail message is then sent to an appropriate agent.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: CloudTalk’s flexibility and scalability allow clients to fully customize the software as their company grows. What Boataround appreciates the most is the simplicity of adding or removing operators according to high/low seasons. They also highlighted the speed of our customer service team, which never leaves them waiting for a response. At CloudTalk, we love to go that extra mile for our clients. When Boataround told us they needed a Croatian number, we simply set one up for them lickety-split.
  • Pricing:  When Boataround was still at the beginning of their journey, they didn’t want to spend too much money on a solution that they were unfamiliar with. Luckily, CloudTalk is built for every business, at any stage. You can start a 14-day free trial, book a demo or choose one of three plans according to your business’s needs. Talk about a reasonable solution. 
boataround pavel pribis

Pavel Pribis

CEO of Boataround

After leaving, Pavel co-founded Boataround in 2016 and he has been running the business operations since. 

“CloudTalk has grown on us from the very first moment. It’s a part of our daily workflow. Everyone in the company finds uses for it. From sales to support or onboarding. Without CloudTalk, we wouldn’t provide such outstanding service.”

Boataround team’s favorite features

  • Call Statistics:  Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. With easy-to-see metrics, managers can check out which times of day most of their customers are calling and customize the availability of their operators.  Moreover, supervisors can see when their teams get the most calls and accommodate operators’ workflow. With CloudTalk, you can make smart decisions based on relevant data.
  • Agent Reporting: Agent reports provide each agent with personalized feedback grounded in your most important metrics (total number of inbound and outbound calls, total number of abandoned calls, average call duration, average speed to answer time, number of voicemails and much more). When agents are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they can work on their performance and provide more complex and efficient customer care.
  • Voicemail: Customized greetings and voicemail messages are played to callers when you are not available, and when the customer decides to leave you a voice message, you can find it right away in the list of missed calls. This means that your clients will not have to wait in any queues. When a customer contacts BoatAround outside their business hours, a voice message is recorded and the customer is reminded of the time that support will again be available. Voicemail history contains the following data: who left the message, when was the message recorded and the caller’s phone number and the recording.
  • API: Boataround was able to integrate CloudTalk with their own external system. Now they can effortlessly import and export contacts and regularly download the history of phone calls, orders or tickets. All available data and information are automatically and regularly synchronized through CludTalk’s API. Boataround’s team always has access to up-to-date customer-interaction information in their system.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

Setting up a cloud phone system that is remote ready has never been easier. 


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