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Valutico is a web-based valuations platform providing the financial services industry and valuation practitioners with data-driven tools to conduct analysis more efficiently.

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Valutico offers a web-based platform for efficient financial valuations using data-driven tools, serving clients globally in 45 countries with top methodologies.


CloudTalk’s flexible cloud call center enhances Valutico’s global operations with security, scalability, cost efficiency, and seamless CRM integration.


Switching to CloudTalk resolved Valutico’s key issues, boosting sales and support productivity, reducing costs, and simplifying operations with automated features.

Elevating Valutico’s Customer Satisfaction in a Competitive Market

Meeting customers’ expectations can be an immense challenge in today’s competitive business world, and every company is trying its best to find out what works and what doesn’t in terms of customer satisfaction. Although Valutico is trusted by the world’s leading financial services providers, there were still areas that Valutico’s team needed to work on.

The Shift from Landlines to VoIP for Enhanced Team Efficiency

The key challenge was two-fold. First, they needed to switch their call center communications system from traditional landlines to VoIP for several crucial reasons. At that time, everybody in their 20-member sales team had to use their own mobile device and submit expenses, which proved to be very time-consuming and not practical. VoIP solutions, on the other hand, are significantly more affordable and not limited to one country (which is a must if a company works with customers from all around the world).

Valutico’s Search for a Smart Phone System to Drive Customer Insight and Revenue Growth

Secondly, Valutico is an analytics organization and having a phone system that simply makes phone calls was not enough. With an understanding that every client is different and should be treated individually, Valutico wanted to take a closer look at the metrics that could reliably help them improve their customer service and therefore, increase the company’s revenue. They needed software that would allow them to track all of the most important key metrics and achievement measures. Thus began the hunt for a platform that would help them to achieve all of their business goals and more.

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The key requirements for the new call center software:

Worldwide Scalable Software: Valutico empowers over 100 financial market participants and valuation practitioners around the world to seamlessly perform valuation analyses of the highest standards. CloudTalk allowed Valutico to easily expand to countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France and more. Using international phone numbers has empowered Valutico to become a global provider with better customer support, which led to greater sales results.

Cost-efficient: As Valutico doesn’t need hardware or local storage space to run a cloud call center system, their expenses significantly decreased. CloudTalk always charges only for what Valutico actually uses on the basis of monthly fees with no strings attached (based on their selected service package). In addition, the Valutico team was able to try CloudTalk’s services for free in order to see if the interface was suitable for their customer support and sales teams.

Seamless integration with CRM: With a VoIP CRM integration, all valuable data is placed right at the customer service team’s fingertips. This provides Valutico’s team with insights about each caller before the conversation starts. Now the company can convert more deals with smart, automated dialing and handle incoming queries with ease.

Valutico’s Strategic Shift to a Secure and Flexible Cloud Call Center

Choosing a cloud call center means having more flexibility in deciding how a company wants to work. It has two significant effects on the business. First, all employees are able to work whenever they have a stable Internet connection, a PC, and a headset. The second is safety. As agents deal with a lot of sensitive data, their cloud-based call center software should be secure.

When choosing a vendor for this particular project, Valutico’s team set strict criteria. Having explored all alternatives, they found that many solutions were either too basic and lacked adequate functionality in terms of what they are trying to achieve or, conversely, were too sophisticated for their needs. Moreover, Valutico is a volume player and wants to make it as easy as possible for their staff to dial out to clients without having to navigate a series of unnecessary obstacles.

Valutico team’s favorite features

Call Statistics: Our software displays real-time call center statistics and historical metrics starting from the day the company initiates their CloudTalk account. Call statistics (filtered by a date range of the team’s preference) display the total number of inbound and/or outbound calls, total number of unanswered calls, number of voicemails, average call duration, average speed to answer, etc. Knowing and using metrics is essential for the continuous improvement of the quality of your service and overall team productivity.

Call Recording: This feature proved to be extremely useful in terms of improving the Valutico team’s productivity, improving customer service metrics and boosting sales. Before the agent calls a client, he or she can listen to all of the previous phone calls that the client made with other agents as a means of gathering relevant information. The call recording feature is also great for agent training and onboarding new employees.

International numbers: Valutico was looking for an effective way to raise their profile internationally without incurring staggering costs. Virtual phone numbers are a simple and inexpensive way in which even small businesses can earn a reputation for exceptional customer service. International phone numbers also give a great deal of flexibility — Valutico is currently using 18 phone numbers in more than 10 countries.

Ring Groups: Ring groups increase the number of handled calls, which in turn optimizes customer support management. How? By creating specific groups for each individual department (e.g. customer support, sales, marketing, invoicing, etc). This means that callers are routed to the most appropriate agents, every time. By using this feature, Valutico’s supervisor can also create ring groups based on agent skills, i.e. people who have specialized training, knowledge of products and services or specific language skills.


After switching to CloudTalk, all of Valutico’s problems were largely solved.CloudTalk’s platform perfectly serves their sales and support team and has a big influence in terms of a company’s growth. The biggest achievement has been seeing all employees being more proactive when it comes to making outbound calls. CloudTalk’s next-gen Power Dialer feature is designed to make more outbound calls automatically, so their reps have more time to focus on what’s important — closing deals.

Another great advantage of using a CloudTalk VoIP system is no longer being worried about the phone bill or running out of credit, which had been a huge problem for Valutico. Everything is arranged in the company’s CloudTalk account, where they can set up automatic monthly payments if they so choose.

We believe simplicity is the key to success, which is why we made sure that implementation of the new software was carried out in a short time and included the successful onboarding of all employees. To sum up, CloudTalk proved to be a perfect match for Valutico’s mission and goals.

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