9. May 2019 Blog

CSAT Score in Your Contact Center and How to Improve It

Customer satisfaction, or CSAT, score is used to transform customer’s feelings and views related to their customer experience into a specific number. It’s simple – the higher the rating, the more happy your customers are with your contact center.

How to measure your CSAT score?

Most call centers opt for customer satisfaction surveys where clients are asked to evaluate their experience. You can use your own metrics, for example, you could ask: "On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate our service?" If 87% of your customers rate you with a 4 or 5, then your CSAT score is 87%. If you don’ feel like going through the process alone, you can hire a BPO that will help you out.

How to improve customer satisfaction?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at quick ideas on how to improve your CSAT score.

1. Put customers in the center 

Show your customers that they’re not just a number in your contact list. Whenever you make decisions, put customers at the heart of the process. Your managers should pay attention to customer’s feedback to understand what your clients really need. Care and concern can have many forms – you can use the customer’s name while talking to them or congratulate them on their birthday. Your customers will feel more valued and your CSAT scores will increase.

2. Remember the customer

There are many useful software tools that help you store relevant customer data, including the client’s name, address, history of communications or notes taken by agents during previous interactions. Use technology to minimize the customer’s need to repeat who they are and what their problem is, which can be annoying. This will boost customer satisfaction and save your time.

3. Improve your response time

No matter how patient a customer is, the longer they have to wait on hold, the less likely they are to feel satisfied. Having to wait for a response is one of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction. Rather than forcing customers to simply wait on hold, your support center should be offering a call-back during periods of long wait times. Advanced call center software can automate this process for you.

4. Set desired performance

Define what an excellent performance looks like and make sure that your agents know what is expected from them. Illustrate examples of good and bad practices, for example by using actual customer call recordings. 

5. Provide omnichannel support

With so many new communication channels, companies must develop an omnichannel approach to connect with customers on their favorite channels. No matter whether a client sends you a facebook message, calls you, sends an email or a combination of all of these, your agents should be ready to respond professionally and quickly. 

6. Keep your agents happy

When agents are satisfied, they provide better service to your clients. Encourage and appreciate top performers and make moves to boost agent morale and team spirit. It may not be obvious, but many callers can sense the atmosphere in your call center. If you monitor your call center metrics (which you should), you could organize a team building activity as a reward when KPIs are good.

7. Invest in agent training 

Well-trained agents provide superior customer service, which creates the high CSAT score that you want. Agent training should focus on the products and services you offer so that your staff can answer any customer questions. You could also organize workshops on dealing with angry customers or selling techniques.

There’s no magic solution for improving customer satisfaction levels, but the key is to adopt a customer-centric mindset. In our article, we’ve covered seven recommended tactics, but this is just the beginning – the possibilities are endless.

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