7. February 2019 Blog

How to Improve Customer Support?

How to Improve Customer Support

Many global business experts say that a good relationship with a customer is based on a single thing: customer support. It is therefore surprising that this particular area is often overlooked. Although there are other important elements that make a business successful, customer support is a hidden treasure.

Never stop looking for ways to make customers happier

If one day you say "We do it perfectly and there’s nothing to improve", the battle is lost. Even the most successful businesses should always be asking what they can do better. If you don’t ask yourself this important question, your customer service will stagnate.

Adaptation is the answer

Increased number of satisfied clients is a result of a good customer care system. Your customer care team should learn how to properly adapt to various situations. Each customer is different – some customers will be chatty, other will complain a lot, and others will be full of questions. If your team adapts to all common types of customers, you have the key to a successful customer service.

An employee in a good mood can transfer their positive energy to the customer. If a customer is having a bad day, they will certainly not be happier when a customer care agent is arrogant. Going straight to the point and not talking to clients for ages while others are waiting on hold – these are some of the steps towards a stable level of customer support.

Employee motivation as a factor no. 1

Who else should teach your agents to provide good customer service, if not you? Luckily, there are many manuals and trainings that can help you. Add a motivating element – perks and benefits that will boost employees’ eagerness to learn. 

Solicit feedback from customers

If you don’t ask, you will never know. Don’t be afraid to ask customers what you can do to improve your customer support. This will help you find out whether the system works well and what your customers expect from you. Each customer may say something slightly different, so it’s good to make a list of three to five most common comments and start working on them.

Provide customer support on social media

A combination of a call center and a customer support center that handles comments sent via e-mail or via social network profiles is the best way to go. Nowadays, customers have high expectations, because they have many options. Most clients expect to receive a response to their message sent via social media within 24 to 48 hours. So make sure that your customer support presence is improved.

Customer support and knowledge

Each business rep involved in customer satisfaction should have at least basic sales skills. You could consider the cross-selling technique – your agents could offer new products or services  along with those in which the customer may have expressed interest initially. 

For instance, if your business sells internet connection services, you might offer your clients cable TV to go along. If you present the offer in a pleasant way without any pressure, the customer might be thankful for your recommendation.

Customer service is not rocket science, just listen to your clients and enjoy the benefits – better brand recognition and, ideally, increased sales.