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essential at CloudTalk

We know that milliseconds in cloud telephony could mean thousands of dollars. At CloudTalk, our top priority is to provide maximum quality calls with guaranteed latency and minimal jitter and that's why we think it's perfectly suited for a business like yours.

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Globally distributed server infrastructure

Instead of relying on a single partner, over the past years, we have built strong relationships with telco partners all across the world which helps us secure better calling routes and offer stronger connections. In addition, CloudTalk itself is a registered operator in multiple countries which helps us take control over multiple aspects of phone call quality.

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Say goodbye to high latency

When assessing call quality, latency and jitter are the main factors that affect the ability to hear each other properly, without distortion. We calculate latency as roundtrip time to send and receive packets. The average latency measured at CloudTalk over a 35 day period starting December 2020 was 23ms.

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CloudTalk Average Jitter

Forget about Jitter

Jitter is the variation in latency across the network. High jitter indicates a bad network and adversely affects call quality. At CloudTalk, we pride ourselves on offering low jitter values all across the distributed network averaging 17.8 milliseconds.

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If a call quality drops below a certain level, CloudTalk automatically changes the call route in real-time


Live call quality monitoring ensures your calls are connected via the best possible call routes and operators


Are you having issues with calls? We listen carefully to our customers and are always striving to improve call quality

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