Integration with Kustomer

Call center software for Kustomer

CloudTalk integration with your Kustomer helpdesk software will give your agents an easy way to communicate with kustomers and synchronize information between the 2 apps.

Exceptional customer support

By integrating Kustomer with CloudTalk, you will be able to provide customers with excellent and personalized customer support.
When a customer calls, you will see the following information in his/her Real-time customer card (which you can open even before you answer the call):

  • customer contact details (name, email, phone number, company, address, website, etc.)
  • call history, including call recordings
  • notes and comments
  • Kustomer tickets
  • email and chat communication
  • other activities related to Kustomer and CloudTalk

Real-time data synchronization helps your agent to easily check customer's previous conversation and ticket history even before picking up the call.

All your communication in one place

It doesn't matter whether you work in Kustomer or CloudTalk interface, you will always find all customer-related data from both systems that are automatically synchronized and up-to-date. Two-ways synchronization allows your agents work finally only with one system.

After connecting your Kustomer to CloudTalk you will be able to see the whole call history in Kustomer and also every inbound and outbound call will be automatically logged as a ticket there.

A new Kustomer ticket will include data like:

  • customer’s phone number
  • date and time of the call
  • call duration
  • call tags and notes
  • call recording

Efficient call center features

CloudTalk offers more than 50 features that will help your business growth. For instance, Click to call (initiate calls from any website or software), Call recordings, Smart dialer, IVR, Call tagging or Skill-based routing and many more, you can choose the ones matching your needs.

Kustomer + CloudTalk within few seconds

Set up this useful integration is really simple and quick and fortunately, it doesn't require IT skills. All your data will be synchronized within several minutes. Only few clicks nedeed :)

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